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Travel destination search with Travelmyne


Travelmyne is a unique and free travel search engine which enables you to find the perfect travel destination on the basis of your preferences. Of course, it is normal that questions arise when a new project is launched. We try to answer all your questions on this page and avoid problems during the travel search from the start. You find a detailed step-by-step instruction here, which will help you find the perfect travel destination.

You also find the most frequently asked questions and great tips on how to use Travelmyne and the travel destination search in our FAQ!


Step-by-step instruction

Travelmyne is a complex travel destination search engine, which makes it possible for you to find travel destinations which match your personal preferences and interests. We don't evaluate trips or offers, but the travel destination as such. 10 search criteria guide you to the travel destination which fits your preferences best. You find all criteria in the blue bar on top. If a criterion is coloured green, you have already chosen preferences for that criterion.

You also find the most important questions regarding our travel destination search as well as other useful tips in our FAQ.


Travelmyne criteria for the travel search


Homepage is the homepage of the travel destination search engine. You start the search by clicking on the arrow saying "Find your perfect travel destination now". Alternatively, you click on the on "1. Travel Time" in the upper bar to start the search.

Please note: The more criteria you choose or specify, the better the results fit your travel interests.


1. Travel Time

Under "Travel Time", you choose the time of your next trip. This is important because the weather changes from season to season and with it the leisure opportunities within a country. Winter sports, for example, are only possible in winter in Germany, while the bathing season normally takes place in the summer months. You can choose between the seasons of spring (March-May), summer (June-August), autumn (September-November) and winter (December-February). The summer is chosen by default. Your choice is marked with a green tick (✓). The arrow saying "Forward" takes you to the next category called "climate". The arrow saying "Back" takes you back to the homepage.


2. Climate

Is there a climate you prefer for your trip? Here you can choose whether you want to have it warm or cold. However, you don't have to make a choice. "I don't mind" is chosen by default. If you already know which weather conditions you prefer, we recommend you make a choice. If you want to go on a winter sports trip, it is useful to tick the boxes "cool" and "cold". All possible climates are: warm (over 20 °C), tropical (over 25 °C and high humidity), hot (over 30 °C), temperate (10 °C to 25 °C), cool (5 °C bis 15 °C) and cold (below 5 °C). Click the arrow saying "Forward" to get to the next category called "Arrival".

Tip: Use the multiple selection. Many countries and travel destinations have several climate zones. Combine similar climate zones such as warm and temperate to make sure you don't exclude too many travel destinations!


3. Arrival

How do you want to travel? This is where you can choose if you want to travel by plane, car or train. Multiple selection is possible here as well. You have to note that Central Europe is chosen as the starting point if you select car or train. So, your results will only contain travel destinations which can be reached by car or train from Central Europe.

You also have the opportunity to specify your location. This way, we can show you the distance of the travel destination in your results.


4. Target Areas

Is there a region you prefer? In the category called "Target Areas", you can choose certain world regions or specific travel countries which you find particularly interesting. If you already know that you only want to travel within Europe, for example, you can tick the box saying "Europe". This way, your results will only contain travel destinations in Europe. You can also combine several world regions and countries with one another. If you chose "Europe", "Asia" and "Italy", your results will only contain travel destinations in Europe, Asia and travel regions in Italy. If you choose one country, for example Germany, your results will only contain travel destinations within Germany.

Please note: If you choose the world region of Europe, only European top destinations (the most important travel destinations in Europe) will be displayed. If you are interested in smaller travel regions, e.g. in Italy or Spain, you need to choose the countries of Italy and Spain as well.

"I don't mind": The choice "I don't mind" is chosen by default. This way, your results contain the "top destinations", i.e. the best-known destinations worldwide.


5. Top Criteria

The "Top Criteria" are the eight most important criteria for your travel search: "Short distance", "Cuisine", "Culture", "Low travel price", "Relaxation", "Nature", "Sights" and "Activities".


Using the sliders, you can set the criteria so that they match your requirements. The sliders are set on "I don't mind" (central position) by default. Change the sliders which are relevant to your trip. The spectrum ranges from "I don't want this at all" (left) to "I definitely want this"(right). The more you move a slider into one direction, the more relevant it is for the search. Leave the sliders in the central position if a criterion is not relevant for you. Only move a slider to the left if you cannot tolerate a criterion in your desired travel destination and want to exclude it. Choose the things you want to have or do during your holiday (move the sliders to the right).

Please note: The outermost slider positions exclude the travel regions which do not match the criterion.


Quick and detailed search with Travelmyne

Quick search:

You can already start your search at this point. This, however, is only a quick search. If you want to start it, click on "Start the quick search".

Detailed search:

Instead of just using the quick search, you can refine your search. This way, the search engine can find travel destinations which fit your preferences and requirements even better. Click "Continue to detailed search" and you can choose landscapes in the category called "Nature", select a cultural programme under "Culture" and choose leisure activities in the category called "Activities". In addition, there are many more features you can take into consideration. You can, for example, determine the language and detailed weather conditions in the detailed search.

Preset types of holidays:

Are you planning a romantic honeymoon or a city trip with your friends and you have no time to set the sliders individually for all categories? No problem. We have already preset the most important types of holidays such as beach holidays and holidays at the seaside, winter and skiing holidays or city trips. Simply choose one of our preset types of holidays and click "Start the quick search".

Tip: Match the preset types of holidays with your personal preferences. The sliders already comply with the chosen type of holiday but you can still adjust them. Put the sliders in the desired position until all your requirements are met and then click "Start the search".

If you want to start a new search, click on "Reset the settings".


6. Nature

What do you like best? This category gives you the opportunity to put together your ideal nature trip. You can specify 17 criteria including "beautiful landscapes", "Animals", "Sea" and "Mountains". Do you want to see a volcano during your next holiday? Then put the slider to the right for the criterion called "Volcanoes". If you do not want to travel a desert region, put the slider for the criterion called "Desert" to the left.

Tip: If you already know that you want to go on a city trip to go shopping and that nature does not really matter, simply slip the category called "Nature" and click "Forward".


7. Culture

What are you interested in? In the category called "Culture", you find 12 criteria concerning culture, including the cultural programme as well as opportunities for children and elderly citizens. Again, you should only choose those criteria which are relevant for your search. Ignore everything else. If you are not planning a cultural trip, you can go straight to "Activities".


8. Activities

What do you enjoy doing on holiday? This category is particularly important to active holidaymakers. Do you want to go swimming, horseback riding and watch whales? Then tick the boxes for those activities. We have evaluated the conditions for 19 exciting activities offered by the travel destinations.


9. Features

What should your travel destination definitely offer? At this point, you have the opportunity to further refine your search. We have checked every travel region for 24 features such as value for money, hospitality, exoticism and city life.


10. Other

The last category, called "Other", is for those travel experts who want to play it safe. Here you can choose the hours of sunshine and rainy days for your travel destination. In addition, you can choose which language should be spoken in your travel destination.

Please note: Even well-known languages like English or French are only spoken in a number of places. Countries in which the language you choose is spoken are given preference in your search.

Click "Start the search" and find your perfect travel destination. 


The results:

Congratulations! You have clicked "Start the search", so we can now show you the results which fit your requirements best.


Travelmyne results


1. Result bar

The green bar above your results shows you how many travel destinations meet your requirements. In this example, 38 travel destinations meet the requirements.


2. Medal

The results which fit your preferences best and therefore have the highest score of points get a medal matching their rank - in gold, silver or bronze.


3. Score and brief information

Every destination gets points. The higher the score of points, the better the travel destination matches your preferences. The score in the blue box shows you how far apart the destinations are from each other. In addition, you get brief information about the travel destinations here. Next to the score, you see a green bar. The travel destination which fits your interests best has a full green bar. The length of the green bars of all other travel destinations depends on their scores in relation to the full score.

Below the score, you see the distance of the travel destination in kilometres. Please note: The information about your distance is not exact. The results are more precise if you type your own location in the travel search in the category called "3. Arrival". It can happen that you do this but the results do still not display the correct distance. One reason for this might be that we only calculate with average values. The kilometres vary a lot, especially with travel destinations which have a large area. The distance displayed is a linear distance and does not correspond to a travel route.

Above the green bar, you see the temperature in the travel destination in °C, the sunny hours per day and the rainy days per month. Below the green bar, you see the price category of hotels and flights. The more yellow dollar signs you see behind the house and the plane, the more expensive the travel destination is. Please note that this data is based on average values. Practically every travel destination has both reasonably priced hotels and expensive luxury hotels. If the number next to the sun symbol indicates many hours of sunshine, this is no guarantee that the sun actually shines at the exact time when you visit the destination. This data is based on average weather information from recent years and only gives you an impression of the travel destination.


4. Thumbnail and other information

Of course, we want to show you a picture as well as brief information on your travel destination in your results. You find more information and many tips concerning your travel destination in our brief travel guides of the travel destination. Click the thumbnail, the title or the purple box saying "More information on Italy" to go to the brief travel guide, which contains many photos of and information on the travel destination.


5. Search within a travel destination

We have examined several important travel countries particularly carefully and divided them into regions. As time goes on and we are working on Travelmyne, countries will be added and subdivided. This gives you the opportunity to search a travel region within a country. There are, for example, 44 travel regions in Italy which you can find using the search. We wrote a brief travel guide for every region. In addition, you can use the travel search for Italy alone. Click on "Search travel destination in Italy" to find travel destinations within Italy which match your preferences.

Please note: You don't have to set all your search criteria again. Your choices are saved but, of course, you can adjust or change them any time. Simply click "Search travel destination in Italy" and find a travel region within the country.


6. Booking with our partners

In the lower section of your result, you find a number of boxes for booking. Depending on which type of holiday you prefer, you can book your trip here. The coloured boxes take you to our partner websites, which we chose on the basis of their range of offers. The offers you can book differ depending on the travel destination. Our partners' websites are opened in a new window. You don't pay any additional charges for booking via our website.


Brief travel guides and feature prints:

We have created an informative brief travel guide for every travel destination. This way, you get a first impression of the travel destinations, which might help you make a decision. Every brief travel guide is displayed on an individual page.

Please use our innovative and unique feature print. Every travel destination gets its own individual "fingerprint", which gives you an overview of what is possible in a travel destination and what isn't. Please note: The darker the colours, the better! Here is one example: If the blue colours for the activities are particularly dark, it means that the variety of leisure activities in that region is very great.

Travelmyne feature print


Back to the travel destination search:

The travel search results are opened in a new tab. If you want to adjust or change your search, you can use the bar of criteria to navigate. Using the browser arrows, you easily get back to the travel destination search from our brief travel guides. Your choices are saved and you can adjust or change them any time. Your choices are deleted if you renew the page pressing Ctrl+F5 or if you click the box saying "Reset the settings".


There are no results:


Travel destination search with Travelmyne

If the search engine cannot find any travel destination fitting the choices you made, you see this purple bar. There are different reasons for this. It might be that there actually aren't any destinations which match your choices. There really are no tropical destinations within Germany, for example. So make sure that your choices make sense. You find the most common mistakes in our FAQ.


Any more questions?

Do you have any more questions or comments regarding our travel destination search or have you found an error? Then please leave a comment or write us an email. You also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We hope you have fun using our search engine to find the perfect destination for your next dream holiday!


You find more information on Travelmyne and the travel destination search in our FAQ.