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Oceania - The Island World in the Pacific

Azure blue sea as far as the eye can see, magical islands with the finest sandy beach and sun all year round - Oceania is the place to be for people who want to relax and enjoy life. The friendly island inhabitants and the unique flora and fauna perfect this earthly paradise.

Island world Tahiti in Oceania

Geography - A South Sea dream under palm trees

Oceania lies both north and east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean and covers a land area of over 1.3 million km². Polynesia and New Zealand as well as Micronesia and Melanesia constitute the whole region of Oceania. Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa or the Cook Islands belong to the region's independent countries. Only 2,100 of Oceania's 7,500 big and small islands are permanently inhabited. People who have always wanted to have their own South Sea island should try their luck here. In addition, the region is dominated by the ever-lasting fine weather of the tropical to subtropical climate, which is probably one of the reasons for the people's calmness at the white palm-lined beaches.

Oceania's island group Palau

Nature - The paradise on earth

Most parts of Oceania's islands are of volcanic origin. The numerous volcanic craters, which protrude from the sea, still show the eventful geology which characterises this region. Especially active are the geysers near Rotorua in New Zealand. The bizarrely formed geysers shoot fountains of up to 30 metres and are popular with lovers of nature. The islands' flora and fauna are remarkable. Due to their isolated development, the islands are home to unique animal species, which exist in no other place on earth. Especially the many flightless birds stand out. Since they did not have to be afraid of dangerous predators on the small islands, they were able to develop in great populations. A virtual island paradise is the Cook Island Aitutaki. The island's magical beauty could not be staged any better.

Natural caves on New Zealand

Culture - Maori culture and tradition on Yap

About 16,5 million people live on Oceania's islands, mainly Europeans and Asians. The indigenous tribes were strongly decimated during the colonisation in the 18th and 19th century but they still characterise the typical South Sea picture today. New Zealand was mostly populated by the Maori, whose culture and monuments are world-famous. Micronesians predominantly live on Nauru today and the Samoans on the island Samoa. Oceania's treasury is the tiny island Yap. Here, the magic of the South Sea lives on. The women wear traditional grass skirts, the common currency are gigantic stones, which are scattered at the sides of the roads because of their bulkiness. New Zealand has developed into a technological centre of international significance. The people's mentality differs depending on which island and country you want to visit but the sunshine and the relaxing life on the islands generally affect their positively. Most of the inhabitants are very hospitable and cordial.

Maori culture in New Zealand

Experience - Diving with rays and celebrating with Polynesians

Oceania is a mecca for divers and snorkellers. The Great Barrier Reef near Australia or the waters in front of Palau in Micronesia are only a few of the diving hot spots. Adventurers should not miss out on a trip to Yap. Here you can float through the sea with gigantic rays. The islands themselves also have a lot to offer. While New Zealand claims to be the mother of bungee jumping and jet boating, visitors of Tonga enjoy its unique landscape on a kayaking trip. Heiva I Tahiti - that is the melodious name of the well-known festivals of Polynesia. For several weeks from June to July Oceania shows its wild and vivacious side. Intoxicating parades, loud music and the traditional South Sea cuisine allure countless visitors to the Pacific every year. Travellers find relaxation and spas at the islands' beaches. You cannot enjoy the South Sea dream of an isolated island under plam trees better in any other place on earth.

Swimming with rays near Yap


Oceania is a tropical paradise with a corresponding hot and humid climate throughout the year. Apart from the monsoon and rainy seasons, you can visit Oceania's islands at any point of the year. The centre of air traffic is New Zealand. The airport in Auckland is the most frequently visited one. All bigger island states have their own airports, while the majority of small islands can only be reached by boat.

Oceania is the paradise in the Pacific. Miles of sandy beaches and the gloriously blue sea offer perfect conditions for sun seekers and romantics. Divers and lovers of nature are also welcome at any season.

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