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Golden Outback - Golden Dimensions

Extraordinary rock formations, an endless sea of wild flowers, red sandy deserts and the fascination of the gold rush - the Golden Outback in Western Australia, which takes up almost a sixth of the Australian continent, is a unique adventure of nature, culture and pioneer history.

Rock formation in the Golden Outback

Geography - Over a sixth of Australia

The Golden Outback is a region in Western Australia which extends over the Wheatbelt south-east of Perth to the area of Mount Augustus, the greatest rock on earth. The whole area takes up over a sixth of the Australian continent. The weather in the region has a maximum temperature of 15 °C in winter and 37 °C in summer.

Famous rock in the Golden Outback

Nature - Wild flowers as far as the eye can see

Vast farmland, extraordinary rock formations as well as kangaroos, emus, lizards and dingos in an endless and bright red landscape are characteristic of the Golden Outback in Western Australia. However, who thinks that its nature only consists of grasses, shrubs and red sand is wrong. From July to December, the region is filled with a variety of colours. Around 12,000 species of wild flowers form a beautiful carpet of flowers in the region's winter and autumn months, which makes the red sandy desert look rather pale. Another colourful highlight are the golden wheat field of the Wheatbelt in the south. Australia's Wheatbealt does not only accommodate the Golden Pipeline but also the world-famous rock formation of the Wave Rock near Hyden. The wavy mountain is about 15 metres high and almost 110 metres long and was shaped by the wind and weather in the course of 2.7 billion years. In the north, you see the region of Gascoyne-Murchison with Mount Magnet, the Kennedy Ranges and Mount Augustus. The monolith, which is 8 kilometres long and 3 kilometres wide, is approximately 2.5 times as big as the famous Ayers Rock (Uluru) in the Northern Territory.

Flora in the Golden Outback

Culture - The fascinating gold rush

Active and inactive gold mines and historical gold mining sites - a trip into the Golden Outback in Western Australia will take you back to the time of the gold rush. The Western Australian gold rush, which produced a number of gold fields and gold mining villages, began here in the 1890s. Many towns in the area were founded as gold mining camps and still transport you into the world of the former gold miners. A centre of the local gold rush is the lively city of Kalgoorlie, the state's second biggest city. Its historical buildings, interesting museums, rural pubs and the tourist attraction of Hannan's North Tourist Mine fascinate many travellers. You can discover the most important sites of the gold rush such as the Gwalia Ghost Town & Museum along the Golden Quest Discovery Trail, which is 965 kilometres long.

Gold mining village in the Golden Outback

Experience - Outback adventure

Olive groves, sheep farms, lavender and wild flower fields as well as historical gold mines await travellers on an expedition through Western Australia's outback. The region's rural charm mixes with the golden pioneer history and the vast, bright red landscapes fascinate many adventurers. Popular ways of getting to know this unique atmosphere are overnight stays at a farm or camping trips, searching for gold or a visit to one of the many charming outback pubs. The quaint bars in the small towns and greater hotels can almost be considered tourist attractions in their own right as they perfectly embody the spirit of the region's pioneer and gold rush history.

Campfire in the Golden Outback

Activities - Self Drive Holidays

You can explore the fascinating nature of the Golden Outback on numerous hiking trails and roads, which take you past wonderful carpets of wild flowers, red sandy deserts and unique rock formations. Countless travel routes such as the Wheatbelt Granites Loop, the Goldfields Trail or the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail run along many attractions and show you the magic of Western Australia's outback during self drive holidays.

Cross country vehicle in the Golden Outback


Due to the colourful sea of wild flowers, the Golden Outback is a particularly popular tourist destination from July to December. Most travellers arrive at the international airport in Perth. From there, you can continue your journey in a rental car or fly into the heartland from a national airport (e.g. Kalroorlie-Boulder).

A trip into Australia's Golden Outback is the perfect experience for travellers who want to get to know the vast areas and natural landscapes of the Australian outback or learn about the history of the gold rush. Breathtaking nature and fascinating gold mining sites are the ideal setting for an adventure in the endless hinterland of the Australian continent.

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