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Mykonos - The White Island of the Rich and Beautiful

Mykonos is an island with many faces. Whether you are looking for the perfect party island or luxury holidays, Mykonos offers both. While travellers stroll through the narrow alleys or sunbathe at the beach during the day, they party in the island's countless clubs at night.

Typical windmills on the Cyclades

Geography - The Island of the Winds in the Cyclades

Mykonos is an island in the Cyclades in the South Aegean and is one of the best-known and most popular travel destinations in Greece. The island has an area of 105 km² and a population of about 9,320 people. Itse capital is the scenic Chora, officially called Mykonos (or Mykonos town). Besides Mykonos town, there is only one other bigger place: the village of Ano Mera, which is about eight kilometres away. All other places are scattered settlements which have less than 200 inhabitants out of season. Mykonos has the nickname "Island of the Winds" because it is constantly dominated by high winds. These winds are caused by the Meltemi wind, the cool wind of the Aegean. It is the reason why the summers are not too hot but pleasantly warm.

Chora on Mykonos

Nature - Beaches as far as the eye can see

In contrast to the other Cycladic islands, which have relatively high mountains, Mykonos is very flat but is has a hilly landscape. The island's flora and fauna is rather poor in species but the island is surrounded by beaches on all sides, which are vegetated by wild flowers like violets and poppy. You find particularly beautiful beaches in Agios Stefanos, Psarou, Kalafati, Platis Gialos, Ornos, Elia and Panormos. However, the most popular ones are Super Paradise Beach and Paradise Beach.

Sandy beach on Mykonos in the Cyclades

Culture - Discovering windmills and pelicans

According to legend, Mykonos emerged when a giant, defeated by Heracles, fell into the sea and turned into stone. Today, you see many impressive buildings on the island such as the listed Church of Paraportiani on Kastro Hill in Mykonos town. Its old town is full of beautiful winding alleys and squares. A special attraction on the island is the district of Little Venice, where the houses are built directly at the sea. Things that are typical of the Cyclades are the well-preserved windmills and the numerous small chapels with the red roofs. The best-known windmills are Kato Mili, the five of the once ten windmills on the hill of Ano Mili. They are the island's landmark. Travellers cannot only see windmills here but also visit the Agricultural Museum, which accommodates a stone wine press and a water reservoir. Another interesting sight is the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos with impressive finds such as ancient vases, idols and sculptures. The Aegean Maritime Museum and the Folklore Museum are also worth a visit. About 8 kilometres outside of Mykonos town, travellers see the stunning Monastery of Panagia Tourliani in Ano Mera. The island even has its own mascot: Petros, the pelican.

The Church of Paraportiani in Kastro

Experience - Of scenic narrow alleys and expensive luxury yachts

Mykonos does not compare to any other Cycladic island. It is colourful and very open-minded. The island is also the prime example of the Cyclades. It has white houses with colourful doors and window frames, balconies and windows which are decorated with flowers, the typical windmills and a crystal clear sea. The harbour of Mykonos town offers an impressive sight when expensive luxury yachts are next to traditional fishing boats. The island is both the Ibiza and Monte Carlo of the Aegean because it combines party with sheer luxury and attracts countless celebrities, rich people and intellectuals every year. Mykonos is the perfect summery meeting point for the international jet set, which is reflected in the prices. During the day, most travellers spend time at one of the beautiful beaches or stroll through the pretty narrow alleys of Mykonos' old town. In the evening, you see many young people who party until the early morning hours in many clubs, bars and discos. Since the 1960s, the island has a pronounced LGBT scene. Many big travel organisations have specialised in finding hotels for homosexuals on Mykonos. The most popular beach among LGBT travellers is the Super Paradise Beach.

Woman strolling through the old part of town of Chora on Mykonos

Activities - Beaches, parties and water sports

The island mostly attracts beach holidaymakers and party-goers. Super Paradise Beach is overcrowded most of the time. People start partying there in the early afternoon. Paradise Beach, on the other hand, is quieter and not as crowded. Besides the many bars and restaurants, there is a large camping ground. Mykonos is known for the famous Gay Festival at the end of August, which is attended by thousands of people from all over the world and lasts several days. In addition, the island offers great conditions for many types of water sports such as windsurfing and sailing and you can also take diving or riding lessons. Holidaymakers who come to the island to relax may have a hard time finding a calm, remote beach but it is not impossible. Above all, Mykonos is a gambling paradise because many hotels have their own casino.

Beach on the Cycladic island of Mykonos


There are two ways of reaching the island: by plane via the international airport (JMK) or by ship from one of the other Cycladic island or from the mainland. During peak season, the ferry arrives on the island at least once a day from Piraeus or Rafina near Athens.

Mykonos is a wild island, which offers sheer luxury, countless casinos and great sandy beaches and is known for its wild parties. The island is a true beauty and also has a lot to offer with regard to culture.

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