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Balearic Islands - More than just Partying

The Balearic Islands are a paradise for beach holidaymakers and party-goers. Lovers of nature and culture will also enjoy this island group, which fascinates with untouched nature, folklore and old traditions as well as with long beaches and party districts.

Beach on the Balearic Islands

Geography - Five islands in the Mediterranean Sea

The Balearic Islands are located in the western Mediterranean Sea, about 90 to 200 kilometres away from the Spanish mainland. A deep sea trench (1,500 m) separates the islands from the mainland. As an autonomous community of Spain, the island group comprises 146 uninhabited islands as well as the five populated main islands Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera. The whole group of islands can be divided into the Gimesias (Majorca, Minorca, Cabrera) in the north and the Pitiusas (Ibiza, Formentera) in the south-west.

Coast in front of Minorca

Nature - Wonderful sandy beaches and bays

The Baleric Islands allure a great number of tourists with almost 300 sunny days per year, wonderful sandy and pebble beaches, pleasant weather and crystal clear water. The greatest and without doubt most famous island is Majorca, which fascinates visitors with its long beaches. Besides the tourist spots, however, the island also accommodates deserted beaches and beautiful bays. You find a similar situation on the third biggest Balearic island Ibiza. The second biggest island Minorca, on the other hand, offers conservation areas and scenic landscapes. As the whole island is protected, you will not find mass tourism here. Magical white sandy beaches and a subtropical climate characterise the second smallest Balearic island Formentera. As the smallest island, Cabrera is one of the islands on the outskirts of Majorca. It is protected as well and a paradise for divers.

Minorca Beach

Culture - Tradition and folklore

Visitors find a variety of traditions and ancient customs on the Balearic Islands, which originate in old civilisations. A very common handicraft is basketry which uses the leaves of the dwarf fen palm, the only palm native to Europe. Most Balearic celebrations are colourful and accompanied by melodious music and age-old dance ceremonies. A speciality is the worship of horses on Minorca. Besides many other celebrations on individual islands, the pageant of the three Magi on Majorca or the fiesta of San Juan on the 23rd and 24th of June on Minorca, which offers a medieval horse spectacle and traditional costumes, are worth seeing.


Experience - Everything the heart desires

Holidaymakers find warm, sunny weather, numerous beaches, unspoiled nature, mountainous landscapes and, of course, a vibrant nightlife on the Balearic Islands. Everyone gets their money's worth on the island group: the beach holidaymaker, the lover of nature, the party-goer, the family person as well as people looking for relaxation. In addition, the food on the islands is a real experience. With Mediterranean influences and about 600 different recipes, the Balearic cuisine is not only popular in Spain. The world-famous mayonnaise, for example, originated on Minorca and no tourist should miss out on fish, seafood or a glass of high-quality wine. Party-goers who want to experience the nightlife on the Balearic Islands, should go to Playa de Palma or the Ballermann. Ibiza Town is another great location for going out. Parties at the beaches during the day are just as common as parties in clubs, bars and discos at night. The nightlife on the Balearic Islands lasts until the early morning hours and is a must for the young and the young at heart.

Ibiza Town

Activities - A colourful mix

The most common activities on the Balearic Islands are probably partying and sunbathing. Majorca and Ibiza are great locations for that. The Cova Blava on Cabrera is considered an insider tip for divers. Other water sports such as surfing or sailing can be practised at the long sandy beaches or on the open sea. Lovers of nature and hikers should visit the island Minorca. As it is protected, it is covered in unspoiled and deserted nature. Those who cannot decide if they want relaxed or lively holidays can make their holidays varied and interesting by doing island-hopping (by plane, ferry or sailing boat).



Spanish and Catalan are spoken on the Balearic Islands. You can reach the island group by plane. Depending on your exact destination, you can arrive at the airports Son Sant Joan on Majorca, San José on Ibiza or Minorca Airport. While travellers from Europe only need their ID for entering the country, other holidaymakers should bring their passport. In any case, everyone should be equipped with sun cream and swimwear.

Travellers cannot actually go wrong with a holiday on the Balearic Islands. They offer beaches, forests, mountainous landscapes, sea, sun and cultural events. The island group fascinates with both lively regions and with calm, remote natural areas.

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Balearic Islands
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