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Formentera - A Retreat for Individualists

Formentera is an excellent retreat. As the island does not have an airport, it has been spared from mass tourism. Instead, Formentera offers a calm and natural atmosphere accompanied by the smell of pines, rosemary and the sea.

Turquoise blue sea and sandy beach on Formentera

Geography - The most southern Balearic island

With 19 kilometres of length and an area of about 90 km², Formentera is the second smallest inhabited Balearic island. It is about 20 kilometres away from Ibiza and the most southern Balearic island. Its capital and administrative centre is Sant Francesc Xavier. The climate is mild throughout the year. Even in winter the temperatures are not lower than 10 °C. Most of the time, it is warmer than on the nearby island Ibiza.

View of the island Formentera

Nature - Plains and fine, white sandy beaches

The island is very flat and the plateau La Mola has its highest point at 190 metres. The coasts on this plateau, at Cap Barbariar, are stony and steep. Formentera has been spared from mass tourism and has kept its native charm. The beaches are white and smooth sandy beaches and the water is turquoise and crystal clear like in the Caribbean. These conditions allure visitors to the island. In addition, you perceive the smell of pines, rosemary and the sea on the whole island.

Beach on Formentera

Culture - A former hippie island

In comparison to the neighbouring island Ibiza, there are not many holidaymakers on Formentera, which makes it possible to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea away from crowds of people. As the island cannot easily be reached by ship, is has been spared from mass tourism and still has a native and natural charm. Formentera was considered an insider tip among hippies and individualists in the 60s and 70s and is therefore still known as a former hippie island. Popular sights and destinations for day trips are the lighthouses in El Pilar and at the Cap de Barbariar as well as the limestone caves in Xeroni.

Cap Barbariar

Experience - Time travel and a fish meal

A special experience is a visit to the hippie market in El Pilar, which takes place every Wednesday and Sunday and is a remnant of the hippie time. You find souvenirs like art handicraft, clothing and culinary specialities here. Visitors can watch artists at work accompanied by live music and feel as if they were in the 70s. Afterwards you can enjoy the view of a major part of the island while you have a meal and a glass of wine in the Restaurante el Mirador. The main food on Formentera is fish. A typical local fish dish is called burrida de ratjada and consists of a stewed ray which is eaten with chopped almonds. Bullit, a rice dish with fish, is another well-known dish on the island. Worth mentioning is the fact that fish is almost always caught and served fresh on Formentera.

Green boat on Formentera

Activities - Exploring the island by bike

You can best experience Formentera by bike, which is the main means of transport on the island. It is also possible to rent cars, motorcycles or scooters. If you take the bike, however, you can stop spontaneously to marvel at the magnificent dunes or watch animals like goats or lizards.

Cycling on Formentera


Formentera does not have an airport so that the best way of arriving is by taking a boat from the neighbouring island Ibiza. This trip takes 30 to 40 minutes. Those suffering from seasickness should think twice about visiting the island. High waves can arise on this journey, which even cause bigger ships to move up and down. Many fans of Formentera, however, enjoy this experience as part of their holidays.

Formentera is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the quiet and nature of the Balearic Islands. Holidaymakers can relax at the long, white, deserted sandy beaches and cyclists do not go short either on this island.

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