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  • Travel destination Japan
  • The 100th travel destination!

    Travelling to Japan

    Egypt, Austria, Myanmar and Uruguay - we show you new, exciting and sometimes unexpected travel destinations every day. We want to share our first cornerstone with you, our 100th travel destination: Japan. Discover the "Land of the Rising Sun" with us.

    Travel destination Japan

    Finding the perfect travel destination step by step

    To present you with as many interesting and partly unknown travel destinations in our travel destination search engine, we research new countries, regions and cities every day. We do not only examine the climatic conditions and ways of arriving but check if the region we are looking at has a diverse landscape and if it offers a wide range of cultural sights and leisure facilities. In addition, factors such as romance, exoticism, luxury, cuisine, relaxation, action and adventure play an important role in the assessment of our travel destinations. This is the only way we can provide you with fitting travel regions for your next dream holidays.A lot has happended on our website and we are delighted to present our 100th travel destination to you. We welcome you to the "Land of the Rising Sun". We welcome you to Japan.

    Discovering the travel destination of Japan!

    Travel destination Tokyo in Japan

    Japan - the ideale travel destination for young people

    Japan iws till one of the most exciting and popular travel destination on earth. Its ancient culture, the fascination with modern technology and the extravagant mix of tradition and innovation make the travel destination very appealing, in particular to young people and individual travellers. Besides the country of Japan, we highly recommend the breathtaking capital of Tokyo. You find a lot of interesting and useful information on Tokyo in our brief travel guide of the city. Another fascinating travel destination in Japan is the sunny island group of Okinawa. The wonderful islands constitute Japan's southernmost prefecture and offer white sandy beaches, great diving locations and an abundance of culture and entertainment. You find all information on the island paradise in our brief travel guide Okinawa.

    Popular travel destinations in Japan - Okinawa

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