• English Language Day
  • English Language Day 2015

    Today is the English Language Day and the World Book Day. It's the perfect occasion to make yourself familiar with different English-speaking cultures as well as those countries' language and literature. After all, English is not called the "global language" for no reason. It has over 375 million native speakers in addition to about 1.5 billion people who have learned the language to be able to communicate with people from all over the world.

  • Speed marathon in Europe on the 16th of April 2015
  • Speed Marathon in Europe in 2015

    The travel season has hardly begun and there is already a novelty in traffic history. The 16th of April in 2015 is the day of the first Pan European speed enforcement marathon. No less than 22 nations take part in this event. That is why we can to raise awareness for this topic which makes the headlines time and time again. To make sure your journey does not make you feel as if you are running the gauntlet, we show you which countries take part in the speed marathon.

  • Adventure blog "My adventure is different from your adventure"
  • You are full of adventure

    Florian strikes a chord with its German adventure blog "My adventure is different from your adventure" which is a common matter of discussion in our editprial team. We deal with this topic every day. Is this travel destinations adventurous? What exactly is the definition of "adventure" and how can one region be more adventurous than the other?

  • International Francophonie Day 2015
  • International Francophonie Day 2015

    In celebration of the International Francophonie Day 2015, we show you our Top 10 of the most beautiful French-speaking travel destinations worldwide. To the present day, French is one of the five most important languages on earth. Over 220 million people in more than 70 countries speak French and it is the only language (nect to English) which is spoken on five continents. In addition, French is one of the most popular languages in school and used all over the world. So, a language stay in a French-speaking country really pays off.