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  • International Francophonie Day 2015
  • International Francophonie Day 2015

    Top 10 of the most beautiful French travel destinations in the world

    In celebration of the International Francophonie Day 2015, we show you our Top 10 of the most beautiful French-speaking travel destinations worldwide. To the present day, French is one of the five most important languages on earth. Over 220 million people in more than 70 countries speak French and it is the only language (next to English) which is spoken on five continents. In addition, French is one of the most popular languages in school and used all over the world. So, a language stay in a French-speaking country really pays off.

    With this in mind, enjoy today's Francophonie Day!


    These are the 10 best French-speaking travel destinations:

    Like King in France? Most certainly, with the impressive Eiffel Tower in the metropolis of Paris and a cuisine full of ingenuity and esprit. The magical coast of Nice or the fragrant lavender field in the Provence present the most beautiful sides of the popular travel country and the homeland of the French language.
    The majestic Rocky Mountains, gigantic conifer forests and the orange autumn under the maple tree make Canada a true natural paradise. You best experience the country's cultural diversity in the metropolises of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.
    Bathing, swimming and unwinding - where else if not here? Seychelles is a luxurious paradise at the seaside far away from all big cities, smog and stress. The idyllic islands are particularly popular with lovers and newly-weds.
    Monaco has become a symbol of luxury and wealth. The elegant city state at the Côte d'Azur attracts visitors with shiny nights in the casino, exclusive shopping facilities and a lot of sunshine. In addition, the charm of the Middle Ages is still alive in the principality of the Grimaldis.
    Thick, lush rainforest, cheeky lemurs, savannas, wonderful gorges, mountains, bays and volcanic cratersMadagascar offers a unique landscape, flora and fauna. You also find testimonies of ancient cultures, which make the country a fascinating travel destination.
    Switzerland makes many people think of traditional products like Swiss cheese, high-quality Swiss pocketknives and watches. But the country has much more to offer. Mighty mountains, smooth meadows and scenic lakes – a wonderful, idyllic landscape for relaxing.
    The Piton de la Fournaise is one of the most active volcanoes on earth and makes adventurers' hearts leap for you. Lava streams, pointy rock caves and a green tropical forest make the small island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean the ideal travel destination for nature-loving discoverers.
    Diving, visiting volcanoes and living the island dream - that is what Saint Lucia is about. The island in the middle of the Caribbean can be recognised from afar by its distinct rocks is a real highlight for every island fan. Although Saint Lucia is a popular destination among cruisers, it offers a number of quiet places for unwinding and relaxing.
    Shiny diamonds, aromatic chocolate and a rich cultural landscape between rivers, canals and the North Sea - Belgium is one of the most beautiful kingdoms in Europe and a welcome insider tip for many holidaymakers.
    Weaved, conical hats, traditional junks, colourful lanterns and bizarre rocksVietnam embodies everything which characterises the outlandish charm of Asian cultures. At the same time, its tropical nature makes the country a sunny paradise for visitors.


    You did not find a fitting travel destination for brushing up on your French language skills? No problem! Our range of travel destination grows every day and we are always happy about new suggestions and ideas. Leave a comment to let us know your favourite French-speaking destination.

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