• UN Spanish Language Day
  • UN Spanish Language Day

    Within the context of the UN Spanish Language Day, the UNESCO celebrates the Spanish language since 2010 every year on 12 October. To celebrate this day, the Travelmyne team is excited to introduce you to 10 of the best Spanish-speaking tourist countries in the world.

  • Summer Party 2015
  • TOP 10 Summer Party Locations 2015

    The girls are doing their last rounds on the step machine and the boys are looking for their bathing trunks from last year, while the last cocktail glasses get polished at the beaches. It's high time to start planning for your party holiday in the summer of 2015. Where are the best party locations? Which beaches really have a lot to offer and which cities offer the most exciting clubs for long and vibrant party nights. We have been out looking at a variety of candidates and are now presenting you the Top 10 of the best summer party locations in Europe.

  • Summer destinations 2015
  • Where to go in the summer of 2015?

    We bet you can hardly wait for the first long rays of sunshine, green meadows, the smell of barbecues in your nose and a jump into the next bathing lake. We long for summer heat and get you in the right mood for your summer holiday with ten of the most beautiful summer destinations in 2015.

  • Winter sports in summer
  • Top 10 travel destinations for doing winter sports and going skiing in summer (April to September)

    It is March, the sun is shining more often and slowly but surely the temperatures rise. What is a reason to celebrate for many people, causes sadness in others because when the temperatures increase, so does the number of popular winter sports areas which are about to close. Skiing areas in Germany, winter sports resorts in Switzerland and ski lifts in the Czech Republic - they all close during the summer to the regret of all winter sports fans. But they do not have to wait for the next winter. There are numerous winter sports region across the globe which can also be used for going skiing in summer. Do not put away your snowboards and ski sticks yet but extend the winter sports season over the whole year in the 10 best skiing regions in summer...