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  • UN Spanish Language Day
  • UN Spanish Language Day

    Top 10 Spanish-speaking travel destinations


    Within the context of the UN Spanish Language Day, the UNESCO celebrates the Spanish language since 2010 every year on 12 October. This day is intended to promote the multilingualism and cultural diversity of the UN staff and pay tribute to the Spanish language, culture and history. Spanish is one of the six official languages of the UN and spoken worldwide by over 440 million people. However, not only the UN itself is celebrating this day, but also all the Spanish-speaking countries and regions in which this is usually a national holiday. In many Latin American countries the day celebrated as "Día de la Raza" (Day of the Race), in Spain it is called "Día de la Hispanada" and even in the USA this day is a public holiday, known as "Columbus Day".

    Columbus? Yes exactly! The 12 October 1492 was the day on which Christoph Columbus, an Italian explorer and navigator who sailed under the Spanish crown, discovered the Americas. This day is widely considered as the starting point for the worldwide spread of the Spanish language and culture, with North America, Central America and South America being the most important representatives.

    To celebrate this day, the Travelmyne team is excited to introduce you to 10 of the best Spanish-speaking tourist countries in the world. Which those are exactly is for you to find out in the table below ...


    These 10 beautiful countries speak Spanish as their official language:

    Spain is a country of the sun par excellence. Wonderful beaches and a magical sea promise pure recreation. The heartland with its native, mountainous world offers many opportunities for relaxing. Spanish culture often means paella, guitar music and flamenco. You can tell much about the Spanish people judging from these three elements, namely that they are characterised by their sense of enjoyment and their vivacious, proud nature.
    When you think of Cuba, you can almost feel the country's rhythmic music, smell the cigars or taste a smack of Cuban rum. But that is not all: Despite many historical and economic difficulties, the island state is full of vitality. It makes you want to dive into the Caribbean sun paradise with its great beaches and the wonderful sea.
    It is world-famous: the Panama Canal, which connects the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Less known is the fact that the Central Caribbean country is also an appealing travel destination. It offers Caribbean atmosphere, adventure in barely touched nature and the fire of Latin-American life.
    Argentina is the country of the tango. Both the sensual, world-famous dance and the gauchos, cowboys who herd cattle, constitute a major part of the vivacious Latin American culture, which you can experience in this country. Argentina is also bursting with wild, unspoiled nature – from the Andes to rainforests to the steppes of the Pampas and Patagonia.
    Chile reflects the whole diversity of the South American Continent. It presents fascinating landscapes from the Atacama Desert to the mountains of the Andes to the gigantic glaciers.
    Whether sun seekers, adventurers or lovers of culture – the Dominican Republic allures all of them. No wonder. The Caribbean paradise caters for all tastes. It offers impressive beaches and sporting opportunities, a variety of natural beauty and likeable inhabitants with a rich past.
    The mighty Andes and the thick Amazon rainforest shield Bolivia from the rest of the world. That is why the country is characterised by wonderful, unspoiled landscapes in their full nativeness. The inhabitants still maintain their traditions and customs.
    In the mighty mountains of the Peruvian Andes you find the magnificent sites of the legendary Inca. The country's deserts are crossed by mysterious Nazca lines and the east of the country is covered in the gigantic rainforest of the Amazon Basin. Peru fascinates travellers with its spectacular landscapes and its Native American culture.
    Paraguay is located in the middle of South America, isolated from the rest of the world. Due to its location, the country kept most of its nativeness. Landscapes like vast, harsh steppes remain unchanged. The culture, which comprises Native American and European influences, is rich in tradition and has been preserved to this day.
    The Latin American passion for dancing in ever-present in Uruguay. The country is also known for the farming of cattle, which are reared on the vast steppes of the Pampas by the gauchos, the South American cowboys. Especially its beautiful beaches make Uruguay an attractive travel destination.


    Which travel destination suits you best?

    You still can't decide for a specific travel destination? No problem! With our innovative and free travel destination search engine you can now find your perfect Spanish-speaking travel destination. Simply choose your preferences for your perfect holiday from over 80 categories - beach, forest, glacier, culinary, culture, water sports, child-friendliness and many more - and tick "Spanish" as the language of your preference at the end.

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    Find your perfect Spanish-speaking travel destination!

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