• Travel destination of Copenhagen in Denmark
  • Discovering travel destinations in Denmark

    Shifting sand dunes, the legacy of the Vikings, a vibrant capital and bicycles at every corner - the typical picture of Denmark is diverse but it only shows a tiny part of the charming Nordic country in Europe. Families and bathers enjoy the long beaches and culture enthusiasts find wonderful fairy-tale castles, great castle gardens and the magic of Hans Christian Andersen. We show you the 20 most beautiful travel regions in Denmark and hope you have fun browsing and exploring.

  • Travel destinations in Australia
  • Find the Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in Australia

    We have searched and found the greatest travel regions in for you. We have had a closer look at 40 travel destinations and are fascinated by the red continent, especially by the country's great diversity. Orange-red deserts in the outback, lush green rainforests and the vicinity to the Great Barrier Reef - the largest coral reef on earth - make Australia one of the best travel destination in 2015. Furthermore, you find lively cities such as Sydney and the relaxed attitude of the Australians - this country is the ideal destination for your next holiday!

  • Travel destinations in Greece
  • Where to travel to in Greece?

    Greece is known as the cradle of culture and has a lot to offer as a travel destination. Both the Greek mainland and the islands impress with their natural diversity, the wonderful position at the sea and pleasant climate. If you have already chosen Greece as your next travel destination and you are looking for the most fitting region, you have come to the right place. We show you the ost beautiful holiday locations in Greece and find the perfect travel destination for you...

  • travel destination in Italy
  • Italy's most beautiful travel destinations

    Italy offers great conditions for travelling. The wonderful cultural buildings from ancient times, the idyllic position at the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea and the Italian cuisine make Italy one of the best travel countries on earth. We have examined the 44 most beautiful travel regions more closely.

  • Travel destinations in Spain
  • Where to travel to in Spain?

    Wonderful beaches, stunning cities for strolling and discovering and the love of life of the young Spanish people make the Mediterranean country one of the most popular travel destinations on earth. Spain's mountainous north and its sunny coasts in the south as well as the Canary and Balearic Islands are excellently suited for short or round trips. To help you find a travel region within Spain, we have compiled the country's most beautiful destinations for you...

  • Travel destinations in Switzerland
  • Find a travel region in Switzerland

    As of today, we present you the 22 most beautiful travel destinations in Switzerland. Besides exquisite cities such as Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland fascinates with the snowy peaks in the Bernese Oberland and its excellent skiing areas. In addition, travellers can enjoy Italian atmosphere here when they visit the sunny travel regions around Ticino.