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    Where to travel to in Australia?

    We have searched and found the greatest travel regions in Australia for you. We have had a closer look at 40 travel destinations and are fascinated by the red continent, especially by the country's great diversity. Orange-red deserts in the outback, lush green rainforests and the vicinity to the Great Barrier Reef - the largest coral reef on earth - make Australia one of the best travel destination in 2015. Furthermore, you find lively cities such as Sydney and the relaxed attitude of the Australians - this country is the ideal destination for your next holiday!

    Find a travel destination in Australia

    Sydney - travel region in Australia

    Natural diversity in the travel destination of Australia

    You think that the typical holiday image of Australia consists of jumping kangaroos, friendly koalas and the vast outback added to the white sails of the Sydney Opera House? Far from it! Australia really surprised us. One feature which impressed us are the country's wonderful vineyards. The exquisite vines grow in the travel regions of the Barossa Valley, in the Grampians and in the romantic Hunter Valley. One of the country's greenest spaces lies in the state of Victoria. We highly recommend a tour along the Great Ocean Road. You do not only have the sea at your feet on this tour but also the beauty of the travel country of Australia.

    We were truly impressed by Australia's skiing regions. You heard right! Winter sport is very popular in Australia. Since the country is located in the southern hemisphere, the skiing season in Australia begins when the snow has already melted in most other countries. Australia's most beautiful skiing areas are located in the Snowy Mountains and in the "Australian Alps" around Hotham.

    From the snowy peaks, we travel to the Australian beach. Considering the length of Australia's shoreline, it is not surprising that the country offer real dream beaches. A worthwhile example is Whitehaven Beach on the Whitsunday Islands. White sandy beach, the azure blue sea and wonderful temperatures make holidaymakers' hearts leap for joy. It is no wonder that Australia is one of the best surfing locations on earth as well as popular with divers. The Great Barrier Reef attracts countless divers and snorkellers and promises an underwater experience of a different kind. If you want to know more about the diving facilities in Australia, you can have a look at our brief travel guide of the country.

    Australian beaches in Queensland

    Tasmania - the biggest surprise among the top travel regions in Australia

    Of course, our list of the best 40 travel destinations in Australia include the classic locations. Sydney is still the number one 1. Not only culture enthusiasts but also young travellers and backpackers enjoy the red continent. Great museums, which inform you about the history of the aborigines in Australia, the excellent Opera House and a wide range of entertainment facilities make the city the most famous one in the country. We also introduce you to cities like Melbourne, Brisbane Australia's capital of Canberra. Another popular destination is the outback. The bright orange rock Uluru can be seen on many holiday photos and is always worth a visit.

    We were truly impressed with the small island of Tasmania in the south of the Australian continent. Its unique nature and exciting fauna show a completely new side of the country. You will definitely remember the Tasmanian devil and a visit to the capital and seaport city of Hobart. As always, you find travel information about Australia in our brief travel guides. Have fun browsing!

    Find a travel destination in Australia

    Find your perfect travel destination in Australia!

    Down Under offers a variety of impressive and unique travel opportunities. Find your perfect travel destination in Australia and plan your next dream holiday with Travelmyne!

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