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  • Travel destination of Copenhagen in Denmark
  • Discovering travel destinations in Denmark

    Find wonderful travel regions in Denmark

    Shifting sand dunes, the legacy of the Vikings, a vibrant capital and bicycles at every corner - the typical picture of Denmark is diverse but it only shows a tiny part of the charming Nordic country in Europe. Families and bathers enjoy the long beaches and culture enthusiasts find wonderful fairy-tale castles, great castle gardens and the magic of Hans Christian Andersen. We show you the 20 most beautiful travel regions in Denmark and hope you have fun browsing and exploring.

    Find a travel destination in Denmark

    Lighthouse at the Danish North Sea

    Childhood memories between the Baltic and the North Sea

    We all love thinking back to our first childhood holiday. Long beaches, sandcastles and smooth waves - if we close our eyes, we can smell the salty sea air. Denmark is one of the most popular holiday destination for families. Children enjoy the mild climate and bathing at the flat sandy beaches and their parents relax on islands such as Bornholm. There are many ways of spending one's summer holiday in Denmark. The coast is long and has access to both the North and the Baltic Sea. If you want to experience both seas, you need to travel far north to North Jutland, where the North and the Baltic Sea. Near Frederikshavn, you find Germany's only palm beach. You find equally beautiful beaches in the south of the country and in the region of Zealand. The Baltic Sea accommodates the island of Lolland and the North Sea contains Fänø. Children and grown-ups will enjoy thinking back to their holiday in Denmark. We have compiled Denmark's most beautiful travel regions from Langeland to Limfjord in our brief travel guides.

    Family holidays in Denmark

    Exploring Denmark by bike

    Denmark is a cycling nation. Its flat landscape offers the ideal natural conditions for this sport and is the reasons why both the locals and visitors explore the wonderful landscapes on Lolland, Rømø and Falster by bike. Thanks to the well developed network of cycling trails in cities such as Copenhagen, in the countryside and along the coast, holidaymakers can tour the whole country by bike. Numerous camping grounds and accommodation promise relaxed nights and breaks on during cycling tours. Another popular leisure activity is a walk across the mudflats. Young and grown-up travellers put on their wellingtons and set out into the mudflats. If you are looking for a bit more action, you will not go short either. Denmark has some of the best windsurfing locations in the whole of Europe. There is a spanking breeze, especially in the north of the country. We introduce you to many interesting travel region in Denmark in our brief travel guides. Have a look!

    Exploring Denmark by bike

    Find your perfect travel destination in Denmark!

    Denmark is a classic travel destination for many people when the summer holidays or the next family holiday is just around the corner. We show you the most beautiful destinations in Denmark!

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