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Limfjord - From the North Sea to the Kattegat

The Limfjord is Denmark's longest fjord, which is blessed with an idyllic natural landscape consisting of small bays, long sandy beaches as well as hilly and fertile fields. But the natural paradise also offers culture and cuisine in the form of medieval sights and maritime delicacies.

Boats and a house at the Limfjord

Geography - Between Jutland and Vendsyssel-Thy

The Limfjord is a long strait between the Cimbrian Peninsula and the island of Vendsyssel-Thy. The waterway, which has an area of 1,500 km², crosses the whole of Jutland and connects the North Sea with the Kattegat. Its shoreline, which is almost 1,000 kilometres long, and its drainage area of 7,500 km² make the Limfjord the country's greatest fjord. Its eastern section is shaped like a river and becomes wider towards the west. Other special geographical features are the many small islands, for example Mors, Fur, Venø and Jegindø, as well as the distinct peninsulas of Himmerland, Salling and Thyholm. The region's biggest city with the greatest and most important harbour is Aalborg. Like in other Danish regions, the climate is influenced by the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Gulf Stream.

White house at the Limfjord

Nature - The natural magic of the Limfjord

The Lomfjord is characterised by a magical landscape of winding bays, hilly and fertile fields, quiet and spacious sandy beaches, steep cliffs and green forests. Nature is mostly untouched and native here and offers a flora and fauna which are rich in species. The abundance of fish and the many bird species which stop at the strait's watersides and on the small islands on their way south or north catch holidaymakers' eyes.

Nature at the Limfjord

Culture - Small town charm and historical cultural sights

Although the Limfjord is primarily a natural paradise, the strait also offers cultural attractions. Small charming towns like Nibe, Skive, Struer, Nykøbing or Lemvig create an idyllic holiday atmosphere with their historical and cosy alleys, while interesting museums like the Lemvig Museum, the open-air museum Hjerl Hede in Struer or the Limfjord Museum in Løgstør inform you on the region's history, traditions and way of living. Old castles and manors as well as fascinating castle ruins take you back to bygone times. One frequently visited historical site is Spøttrup Castle in Skive. The water castle, which was built in the 15th and a16th century, is one of the oldest manors as well as the best-preserved medieval castle in the whole of the country.

Medieval castle at the Limfjord

Experience - Herbal liqueur and Limfjord oysters

Several coastal and trading towns with lively pedestrian zones and individual shops make your holiday at the Limfjord an enjoyable experience. In addition, the region offers delicious specialities which leave connoisseurs speechless. Besides herbal liqueurs, which travellers can taste on the legendary Snapps Route around the Limfjord, you should try the Limfjord oysters and mussels. They are not only served in the local restaurants but also on the many mussel and oyster festivals in the region. The Mussel Harvest and Mussel Festival in Løgstør in April mark the beginning of the season, which reaches its climax during the Danish oyster opening challenge (Oyster Cup) and cracking of champagne bottles in August.

Seafood at the Limfjord

Activities - A sailing and fishing paradise

The Limfjord is a dream come true for all water sports fans. Fishers, surfers and sailors definitely get their money's worth in the local waters. A sporting highlight is the Limfjorden Rundt Regatta in Thisted, which takes place in September every year. The area also offers great conditions for cyclists. On the Limfjord Route, which is 610 kilometres long, cyclists can ride along the strait and enjoy the region's nature in all its glory.

Sailing boats and yachts at the Limfjord


The Limfjord is particularly popular with holidaymakers in spring, summer and autumn. Arriving by car is a great option because your journey is made easy by countless bridges and tunnels but you can also take the bus or plane. If you rent a car, you can explore the region under your own steam.

The Limfjord arouses wanderlust in water sports fans and lovers of nature. Culture enthusiasts and connoisseurs do not go short either because the strait offers medieval sites, interesting museums and a delicious cuisine.

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