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Als - Maritime Rural Magic

The maritime and rural island of Als is a holiday destination for the whole family with its wonderful castle complexes, significant theatres of war and entertainment facilities. Lovers of nature enjoy the vast heath and dune landscapes as well as the coastal forest of Nørreskov.

Lake scenery on Als

Geography - Denmark's eighth largest island

Als is an island in the Danish South Sea, which is enclosed by the Little Belt in the north and east as well as by the Als Sund and the Als Fjord in the west. With an area of 312 km², it is the eighth largest island in the country. 50,352 people live on Als, 30,000 of which reside in Sønderborg, the island's biggest town. Besides traces from the Ice Age in the north, the peninsula of Kegnæs (12 m²) with its natural dam Drejet, which is 700 metres long, is a prominent geographical feature. The regional climate is characterised by healthy air and warm to mild temperatures.

Town on Als

Nature - Hilly north, flat south

Heath and dune landscape, several lakes, fairy-tale forests and fine sandy beach are characteristic of Als island in the south of Denmark. In the north of the moraine island, traces of the ice ages such as smooth hills, idyllic valleys and medium-sized lakes dominate the scenery. Towards the south, it gets flatter and you see meadows, fertile fields, forests and a bird reserve. The island's greatest forest has an area of almost 700 hectares and is called "Nørreskov". It is located at the east coast and constitutes one of Denmark's longest coastal forests.

Nature on Als

Culture - Magnificent castles, tombs from the Stone Age and significant theatres of war

Impressive castles, war theatres and prehistoric tombs - Als offers more culture and history than most other Danish Baltic Sea islands. Dolmen, passage tombs, cup-marked stones and ship settings bear witness to prehistoric eras, while the magnificent castles in Nordborg, Sønderborg and Augustenborg tell of the German-Danish past. The latter was attacked during the Second Schleswig War in the 19th century and by Prussian troops on the 29th of June in 1864. This identity-forming event took place at the fortification at Dybbøl (Düppeler Schanze) on Dybbøl Banke (a hill), which is the location of the Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke and a Mill Museum (Dybbøl Mølle) now, both of which inform visitors of the Battle of Dybbøl. The lighthouse of Kegaes Fyr and the church of Kegnaes Sogn on the peninsula of the same name as well as the museums in Sønderborg are popular destinations for a day trip.

Castle complex on Als

Experience - Shopping in Sønderborg and scientific adventures in the Universe amusement park

Many local and foreign tourists enjoy Als' maritime ambience, which is mixed with fishery, agriculture and summer events and celebrations. Sønderborg's city centre has a charming pedestrian zone, cosy cafes and restaurants, a colourful harbour and historical ships, which make it the perfect place for a shopping stroll. You can educate yourself culturally in classic and modern concerts on Augustenborg Castle or a recreation of the island's history during the Battle of Als at the last weekend in July. The Historical Brigade Als presents a worthwhile spectacle using authentic uniforms, weapons and gear, which is followed by family activities. Another exciting experience is a visit to the Universe leisure park. It accommodates a volcano, glaciers, geysers, a Segway and ice skating rank and an easily liftable car and makes lovers of nature's and technology enthusiasts' hearts leap for joy.

Street in Sønderborg

Activities - Expeditions on foot or by bike

Als is one of the most popular water sports regions at the Danish Baltic Sea. The dam near the peninsula of Kegnæs, for example, is a popular destination for windsurfers. Other common leisure activities on Denmark's eighth largest island are sailing, fishing, swimming, bathing and diving. The best way of exploring the island, however, is on foot or by bike. The island's north has a particularly well developed cycle and hiking path network, which invites travellers to go on long cycling and hiking tours.

Cyclist on Als


Thanks to the bridges Alssundbroen and Kong Christian den X’s Bro, Als can easily be reached from the mainland by car. Alternatively, travellers can arrive by ferry. In addition, the island has its own airport, which is exclusively used for domestic flights.

Water sports fans, hikers, culture enthusiasts and lovers of nature all agree: the island of Als in the Danish Baltic Sea is an idyllic holiday destination. You find relaxation and recreation here as well as adventures and history. Tourists enjoy exploring the island's scenic nature by bike.

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