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Aarhus - Cultural City Life

Aarhus is Denmark's second biggest city and the perfect holiday destination for culture enthusiasts and shopping fans. Lively streets, creative shops and unique cultural facilities make this city trip a relaxed and exceptional experience.

Panoramic view of Aarhus

Geography - Denmark's second biggest city

Aarhus is a city in East Jutland with 259,754 inhabitants and an area of 91 km², which makes it Denmark's second biggest city. Its regional geography is dominated by the Kattegat and Aarhus Bugt ("Aarhus Bay") in the east. Warm, dry summers and cool, humid winters are typical of the temperate climate in the area.

Aarhus' skyline

Culture - A journey into the Middle Ages

Aarhus was once founded by the Vikings, was already a bishopric in 948 and is now Jutland's centre. As such, it is full of historical and other impressive sights, which are part of every sightseeing tour. The open-air museum Den Gamle By is particularly popular. The small, historical place is a world of its own with its colourful half-timbered houses and narrow alleys and - in contrast to other open-air museums - it tells of the life in the Danish cities in the course of the last centuries. No tourists want to miss out on visiting the city within the city and see the historical exhibitions, workshops and herb gardens. Another tourist attraction is the city's cathedral, which is the highest and longest one in the whole of the country with a length and height of 93 metres. Holidaymakers enjoy visiting the ARoS Art Museum, the Botanical Garden and Aarhus City Hall. On the outskirts of Aarhus, you find Marselisborg Palace (the summer residence of the royal family), the prehistoric Moesgård Museum and the Årslev Dolmen.

Open-air museum in Aarhus

Experience - Shopping dreams come true

Aarhus is a shopping paradise. Markets, bazaars and the pedestrian zone called "Strøget" offer everything shoppers could wish for. The latter is heated in winter, so not even the snow or the cold wind can keep you from going on a shopping spree. Another place worth visiting is the  cosy Latin Quarter, the city's oldest quarter, which has many designer shops. The yacht and wooden ship harbour as well as the quarter of Åboulevarden offer evening entertainment. The latter lies at the Aarhus River and offers an attractive restaurant and night club mile as well as a number of cosy cafes. Frederiksbjerg (another borough) adds idyllic pubs and exquisite delicatessen shops to the city's culinary facilities.

Alley in Aarhus

Activities - Exploring the city by bike

Besides sightseeing walks, expeditions by bike are popular in Aarhus. There are many locations where you can rent bikes for little money. Furthermore, the city is equipped with a well-developed cycle track network. Water lovers will enjoy the sandy beaches at Aarhus Bugt.

Cycling in Aarhus


Aarhus is worth visiting at any time of the year. The city's summery atmosphere is as fascinating as the festive magic in winter. Aarhus has an international airport, which can be reached by a shuttle bus. In addition to national cities, you can also fly to countries like the United Kingdom and Spain from here. Alternatively, you can arrive by train, bus or car.

Aarhus, the prospective European Capital of Culture in 2017, is the ideal destination for cultural holidays with its open-air museum Den Gamle By, the greatest cathedral in the whole of the country and the Art Museum ARoS. The relaxed and lively atmosphere makes your visit to Denmark's second biggest city a harmonious experience.

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