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North Jutland - Northern Beauty

North Jutland, the place where the Baltic and the North Sea meet, does not only accommodate the country's northernmost point but also wonderful white sandy beaches, beautiful sand dunes and waves that make surfers' hearts leap for joy.

Sandy beach in North Jutland

Geography - Where the Baltic Sea and the North Sea unite

North Jutland is a region in the north of Denmark, which lies north of the Limfjord and extends over the peninsula of Himmerland. The islands of Mors, Læsø and Fur as well as the Danish peninsula of Salling are also part of Jutland's northern area. The region's biggest city and fourth biggest in the whole of the country is Aalborg. Other big towns are Hjørring and Frederikshavn. While the North Sea hits North Jutland's coast in the west, you see the Kattegat, the north-western part of the Baltic Sea, in the east. Both seas meet at the country's northernmost point, at the sandbar of Grenen. The weather is characterised by many hours of sunshine and strong westerly winds, which create sunny summers and windy autumns and springs. With only 73 inhabitants per km², North Jutland is Denmark's most sparsely populated region.

Meadow in Skagen

Nature - Extraordinary nature

North Jutland's nature consists of stunning white sandy beaches, giant dunes, magnificent cliff coasts, small bays, thick beech forests and a vast, hilly heath. In addition, the north of the peninsula of Jutland contains the country's greatest swamps and its greatest forest (Roldskov) as well as Denmark's longest dune and beach area. Speaking of superlatives, the region's Thy National Park is the first and largest national park in the whole of the country. It was opened in 2008 and protects the breeding place of numerous water birds on almost 244 km². Another extraordinary natural attraction is the fascinating shifting dune of Rubjerg Knude on Grenen, Denmark's northernmost point. The sand dune has an area of almost 1 km², which makes it Europe's greatest shifting dune. During the last hundred years, it moved a few metres towards the county's heartland every year. This phenomenon is apparent from the lighthouse of Rubjerg Fyr, which was built in 1900 and was fully enclosed by sand within a century.

Sand dune in North Jutland

Culture - The cultural centre of Aalborg

Aalborg is the region's cultural centre with the art museum KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, many historical half-timbered houses and the Viking burial place in Lindholm Høje. The latter is Denmark's largest burial ground and over a thousand years old. The bathing and artists' town of Skagen with its yellow houses and Børglum Abbey near Løkken at Jammerbugt-beach are worth seeing as well. In addition, numerous myths and legends give the hinterland a mystical atmosphere.

North Jutland's capital

Experience - Maritime cuisine and nightlife in Aalborg

Those who think that North Jutland is dominated by solitude, have never spent a night in Aalborg. The country's fourth biggest city does not only accommodate a lively harbour front but also Denmark's longest street lined by restaurants and pubs (Jomfru Ane Gade, meaning "Virgin Anne's Street"). Discos, bars, cafes and restaurants string together on this strolling and party mile and create an exuberant mood at day and night. Live music, fashion shows, theme parties and cultural events take place here and are complemented by the region's delicious cuisine. The latter fascinates with smoked fish, crabs, eel, salmon, oysters, blue mussels, lobster, air-dried ham and boiled salt from Læsø.


Activities - Surfing location and fishing paradise

Like many other Danish regions, North Jutland is a dream come true for cyclists. Hikers, canoeists, divers, sailors and water lovers get their money's worth as well. In addition, North Jutland has one of the best surfing areas in the whole of Europe. After all, the area around Klitmøller and Vorupør is called "Cold Hawaii" for a reason. The ideal wind and wave conditions make the region a world-famous surfing location, which has been the site of the European surfing championship several times. Furthermore, the Danish windsurfing championship and the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup are held here every year. Besides the surfers, fishing fans enjoy North Jutland. The Yellow Reef near Hanstholm is known for its extraordinary richness in fish and has brought many anglers the catch of their lives.

Walking along the beach in North Jutland


The main travel season is during the summer months but the winter and autumn are beautiful as well. Many visitors arrive by plane at the international airport in Aalborg, the country's third biggest airport. Alternatively, you can go by car or ferry.

Lovers of nature, surfers and anglers will be delighted by North Jutland's wonderful landscape and its extraordinary natural attractions. Culture enthusiasts and party-goers get their worth at the age-old Viking sites and Denmark's longest party mile.

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North Jutland
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