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Samsø - Denmark on 122 km²

Long, child-friendly sandy beaches, smooth hills, forests, meadows, pastures and a scenic fjord landscape - Samsø unites many of Denmark's natural phenomena on 112 km². Together with the charming half-timbered houses, prehistoric cultural assets and the world's greatest maze, the island is a varied holiday destination for travellers of all ages.

Denmark's geographical centre

Geography - Between Funen and Jutland

Samsø is a Danish island in the Kattegat, which lies between the peninsula of Røsnæs and Funen. It has an area of 112 km² and can be divided into three parts: the idyllic north, the agricultural south and the protected Stavns Fjord with its small islands. The latter gives the island its characteristic shape, together with Saelvig Bay. The greatest settlement is the village of Tranebjerg, which has 836 inhabitants. Ballebjerg is the highest point with a height of 64 metres. The weather here is characterised by many hours of sunshine, especially in summer. Samsø is, in fact, the place with the most hours of sunshine in Denmark next to Bornholm.

Landscape on Samsø

Nature - A small version of Denmark

Do you feel like travelling all parts of Denmark but you do not have the time? No problem! Samsø's landscape is so diverse that the island is often referred to as a small version of Denmark. It offers long sandbanks, child-friendly and long sandy beaches, crystal clear sea water, cliff coasts, a hilly landscape, deep valleys, melt water ditches, fields, forests, pastures and a fjord with several islands. Natural sights are the promontory of Besser Rev, which is five kilometres long, the bird and wildlife reserve of Stavns Fjord, the Nordby Hede - a nature reserve which is full of heather and blooms in spring -  and the Ilsemade Kilde. The latter is one of Denmark's former 700 healing springs, which has its source in a hollow oak trunk and is said to have a healing power, especially during Walpurgis Night.

Heat on Samsø

Culture - Cultural assets from the Stone Age, the time of the Vikings and the Middle Ages

Samsø was used as a settlement and meeting place by the Stone Age people and Vikings and it was still used as a strategic position in later wars, which is apparent from several entrenchments in the Stavns Fjord. Prehistoric burial sites, passage tombs and dolmen as well as the Kanhave Canal are testimonies to the Stone Age and the time of the Vikings. Other historical sights, which are from the 18th century, are the charming half-timbered houses in the village of Nordby. Its scenic houses, the bright yellow bell tower and the narrow alleys make the village, which was founded in the Middle Ages, one of the most frequently photographed places in the country. Holidaymakers should also not miss out on the lighthouse Vesborg Fyr at the island's south-western tip, which marks Denmark's geographical centre, more or less.


Experience - Denmark's vegetable garden and the largest maze in the world

Due to the active growing of fruit and vegetables on Samsø, the island is also known as "Denmark's vegetable garden". Crossing the island by bike or car, you see numerous vegetable stalls at the side of the road which sell fresh products from the region. You can taste countless samples of the island's delicious fruit and vegetables during the raw food festival in Tranebjerg in August. An interactive experience for all holidaymakers is the Samsø Labyrinthen, the greatest permanent maze on earth. This maze takes up an area as large as 12 football fields and has been listed in the Guiness World Records since 2001. With the help of various signposts, adventurers can discover a Viking temple and stone circles on an area of 60,000 m² and a path network with a length of over 5,000 metres.

Fruit stall

Activities - Cycling on Samsø

Samsø offers excellent conditions for a number of leisure activities. Cyclists and hikers definitely get their money's worth on the many small trails between the villages and along the wonderful fields and coasts. Anglers, kitesurfers, swimmers, bathers, divers and sailors, on the other hand, pursue their hobbies at the long sandy beaches.

A bicycle leaning against a wall


Samsø is a particularly popular holiday destination in summer, both with the locals and with tourists. Thanks to the ferry connections with Jutland and Zealand, you can reach the island in an hour and a half.

Samsø is a popular travel destination with families, cyclists, lovers of nature and water sports fans. Long sandy beaches, cycle paths, Denmark's diverse nature and the largest maze on earth make sure both young and grown-up discoverers have fun.

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