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East Jutland - Diversity at the Baltic Sea

East Jutland is an attractive holiday destination for many travellers because of its child-friendly Baltic Sea beaches, the scenic hilly landscape and the Legoland leisure park. Its magnificent manor houses, prehistoric tombs and history-charged rune stones are the icing on the cake.

Lighthouse in East Jutland

Geography - Between the Baltic Sea and the Limfjord

East Jutland is a region in the east of the Cimbrian Peninsula, which extends from the Kattegatt to Viborg in east-west-direction and from Fredericia to Hobro in north-south direction. The region's biggest city and cultural centre is Aarhus. An important traffic hub to the neighbouring country of Sweden is the coastal town of Grenaa on the peninsula of Djursland. Next to the peninsula, offshore islands (e.g. Samsø) and deep fjords (e.g. Randers Fjord) are part of East Jutland's geography. The climate creates sunny, warm summers and mild winters.

Aarhus' skyline

Nature - Hilly moraine landscape

Fertile fields, great beech forests, a hilly moraine landscape, deep fjords and valleys as well as child-friendly sandy beaches are typical of East Jutland's nature. It does not only contain the country's longest river, the Gudenå, but also Denmark's highest elevations. The hills of Møllehøj and Yding Skovhøj in the Lake District are the country's highest "mountains" with heights of over 170 metres. Other natural sights are the Mols Bjerge National Park on the peninsula of Djursland and the Grejsdal Valley, which is Denmark's deepest gorge.

Denmark's highest mountain

Culture - Tombs, rune stones and impressive manor houses

There are numerous monuments and sites of finds in East Jutland, which bear witness to Denmark's past. Whether you are looking at the bog mummy of the Tollund Mann from 400 BC, the many prehistoric tombs, the medieval castle of Kalø Slot, the Viking castle of Fyrkat or the Jelling stones, they all take you back to a Denmark of old times. The latter is a witness to the time of the very first Viking kings and has been part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 1994. Other popular historical attractions are the famous open-air museum Den Game By in Aarhus and the region's many manor houses. Magnificent estates like Rosenholm Castle and Clausholm Castle as well as the manor house of Gammel Estrup were once owned by influential noble families. Today, they accommodate interesting museums and exhibitions.

Castle in East Jutland

Experience - Going shopping in Aarhus and having fun in Legoland

The region's lively centre is without doubt the university city of Aarhus. It fascinates numerous visitors with its cosy atmosphere created by museums, nice cafes and art galleries. Shopping fans love the popular Latin Quarter in Denmark's second biggest city. The small town of Ebeltoft is also worth a visit. Due to its beautiful works of glass art, the coastal town is also referred to as the "capital of glass". Families and young holidaymakers will enjoy the Tivoli Friheden leisure park in Aarhus and the Legoland in Billund. The latter has almost 1.6 million visitors per year, which makes it the most frequently visited tourist attraction in Jutland.

Leisure park in East Jutland

Activities - Being active

Like the other parts of the Cimbrian Peninsula, East Jutland offers a variety of leisure activities. The scenic coast offers great conditions for water lovers and water sports fans. The region's rivers and lakes are also suited for canoe and boat trips, while the hinterland is equipped with numerous cycling and hiking trails.

Jogging in East Jutland


Many holidaymakers prefer the summer months for holidays in East Jutland. You best arrive by car or plane. There is an international airport in Aarhus.

Neither leisure activities nor cultural entertainment go short in East Jutland. While cities like Aarhus impress shopping fans and culture enthusiasts, the harmonious landscape of hilly pastures, varied coasts and the sound of the Baltic Sea captivate lovers of nature.

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East Jutland
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