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Langeland - Maritime, Rural Charm

The Danish South Sea island of Langeland does not only fascinate anglers but also lovers of nature and culture enthusiasts. The maritime atmosphere, harmonious nature and beautiful cultural sights make the island a diverse and relaxed holiday destination.

Panorama on Langeland

Geography - In the Danish South Sea

Langeland is an island in the Danish Baltic Sea, which is surrounded by the blue waters of the Langelandsbælt. The island got its name (meaning "long land") because it is has an area of 248 km², is 52 kilometres long and only 11 kilometres wide. Its largest town is Rudkøbing in the centre of the island. Other significant places are Tranekær further north and Bagenkop in the south. The climate on Langeland is a changeable maritime climate with warm to temperate summers and mild winters.

Field on Langeland

Nature - Exmoor ponies and hat-shaped hills

Fields, fens, meadows, wide sandy beaches, rocky coasts and a few mixed forests dominate the landscape on Langeland. Particularly characteristic features are the many small, hat-shaped pebble and sandy hills in the otherwise flat environment, which were formed in the Ice Age. Typical members of the island's fauna are numerous bird species as well as the free-living Exmoor ponies. The feral horses were brought to the island in 2003, mainly to graze the meadows near Klise Nor. Today, the four-legged animals are not only natural lawnmowers but also a popular tourist attraction. Another natural highlight is Ristinge Beach. Besides Ristinge Cliff, it is the clear and flat water which makes the beach one of the most beautiful ones in the whole of the country.

Feral horse on Langeland

Culture - Castles, manor houses and souvenirs from all over the world

Langeland may seem relatively small but it has a lot to offer. Tranekær Castle in the town of the same name is a popular sight. You cannot see the castle from the inside but it is a beautiful photo scene, which you can capture on numerous hiking trails. Nearby, you see the extraordinary Souvenariet Museum, which is dedicated to the souvenir. Over 2,000 souvenirs from all over the world are displayed here, the oldest one of which is from the 18th century. Other worthwhile locations are the Skovsgaard Manor with the museum for servants, carriages and forestry, the Koldkrigsmuseum Langelandsfort (a Cold War Museum) near Bagenkop and the town of Rudkøbing with its old-fashioned charm, scenic half-timbered houses and narrow, cobblestone alleys.

Castle complex on Langeland

Experience - Maritime atmosphere

Small port villages, numerous yacht harbours, harbour festivals and fresh fish in restaurants, farm shops and small stalls - there is no way around the sea and its maritime atmosphere on Langeland. And that is a good thing because it is what characterises the island's special charm and attracts many tourists. A popular event is the Langelandsfestival, which is also known as Denmark's greatest garden festival. It takes place yearly in July and has almost 35,000 participants, which makes it one of the country's biggest festivals. It offers a varied entertainment and musical programme - fun for the whole family.

Row of houses on Langeland

Activities - A fishing and sailing paradise

Langeland is a small paradise for anglers and sailors. Its richness in fish fascinates many anglers. Golfers, horseback riders, hikers, water sports fans and water lovers will get their money's worth as well. Ristinge Beach, one of the country's most beautiful beaches, is waiting to be explored.

Popular beach in Denmark


The most popular travel time on Langeland is without doubt the midsummer. Numerous tourists come to the island at that time because of the Langelandsfestivals, the pleasantly warm temperatures and the blooming rape fields. The island is connected to Funen by a bridge system and can be reached by car. Arriving by ferry is possible too and often a faster and more relaxed alternative in the peak tourist season. Long traffic jams and waiting times of several hours are common on the land route in the hot season.

Langeland means relaxation and nature mixed with a pinch of culture and entertainment. Most tourists come to enjoy the Baltic Sea island's maritime atmosphere and its relaxing nature but the charming cultural monuments and lively events are worth seeing too.

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