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Bornholm - The Pearl of the Baltic Sea

Bornholm captivates travellers with its long, fine sandy beaches, impressive cliffs and Europe's oldest castle ruin. Other features which are characteristic of the Baltic Sea island are the white round churches, smoked herring and the well-developed cycle path network, which makes exploring the island very easy.

Bornholm's coast

Geography - Denmark's easternmost municipality

Together with the Ertholmene archipelago, Bornholm forms the easternmost municipality in Denmark. The island has an area of 588 km² and lies at the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Poland, whose borders are much closer to the island than those of the Danish mainland. Rønne is the greatest city with about 10,000 inhabitants. The highest "mountain" on the island and in the whole country is Rytterknægten (162 m). Bornholm's weather is characterised by mild temperatures and many hours of sunshine. According to rumours, there are more sunny hours on the island than in any other part of the country.

Church on Bornholm

Nature - Traces from the Ice Age

The slightly wavy and flat hilly landscape on Bornholm was shaped by glaciers during the Ice Age (Quaternary period), which is still apparent from several glacial grooves, boulders and numerous grottoes, cliff coasts, rocky cliffs and gorges in the north of the island. In the island's south, you mainly see long, bright sandy beaches and the heartland offers fertile heaths, lakes and fields. Bornholm's best-known gorge is the rift of the Ekkodalen (Echo Valley) in Almindingen's forest, Denmark's third biggest forest area. Travellers will find the famous Heiligdomsklipperne (Sanctuary Rocks) under the rocky cliffs. Another natural highlight is the waterfall in the Døndalen Valley. It is the country's longest waterfall with a length of 22 metres.

Landscape on Bornholm

Culture - Round churches and Northern Europe's oldest castle ruin

Every travel guide on Bornholm lists the four round churches in Nyker, Nylars, Olsker and Osterlars as well as Hammershus castle in the north of the island. The ruin was probably built as the seat of a bishop in the 12th century. Today, it is the oldest castle ruin in Northern Europe. Other features which are characteristic of the island are the charming fishermen's villages and harbour towns with their narrow alleys and historical half-timbered houses. Holidaymakers can go on a trip to the Middle Ages in Bornholm's Medieval Centre (Bornholms Middelaldercenter), which takes them back to the time between 1300 and 1450 as a museum and family attraction with stalls, performances, exhibitions and several activities for children. Another must for visitors is a visit to the Bornholm Art Museum in Gudhjem. The complex has about 4,000 km² and offers a great art collection with the work of contemporary and past Danish artists.

Castle ruin on Bornholm

Experience - Sun above Gundhjem

Smoked fish, rye biscuits, various kinds of cheese and Bornholm's beer Bryg - the island of Bornholm fascinates many visitors with its unique cuisine. It is dominated by seafood and smoked fish. The best-known and most popular dish is the fish dish Sol over Gudhjem ("sun above Gudhjem"). Herring which has been smoked in the local smoke houses is put on crispy rye bread and served with raw egg yolk, onions, chives and radishes. Tourists are, however, not only impressed by the regional cuisine but also by the local art handicraft. Glass and ceramic ware are popular souvenirs. Bornholm is known as the "Pearl of the Baltic Sea" and it is excellently suited for holidays at the seaside and family holidays as it offers wonderful long sandy beaches, the Joboland leisure park near Svaneke and the Butterfly Park in Nexø.

Cuisine on Bornholm

Activities - Exploring Bornholm on two wheels

Bornholm is a dream come true for cyclists. Its cycle path network is 150 kilometres long and makes it possible for travellers to explore the whole island on two wheels. Since Bornholm is no wider than 40 kilometres, cycling tours from one end to the other in one day are possible (the longest route: 36 km) and a popular way of getting to know the island. Other leisure activities are any kind of water sports and golf. The many golf courses in the area invite you to games in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

Signpost on Bornholm


You can reach Bornholm by plane or ferry. The best means of transport on the island are the bicycle, bus or car. The main tourist season lasts from July to August.

Lovers of nature and cyclists will enjoy a trip to Bornholm as much as families and beach-goers. The Scandinavian nature and culture as well as the different leisure opportunities and holiday accommodation offer relaxed holidays at the Baltic Sea.

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