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Rømø - Small Island, Great Impact

The North Sea island of Rømø is relatively small but it has a lot to offer, especially for holidaymakers who are looking for relaxation. The wonderful marshy landscape and heath, the beautiful dunes, Denmark's widest beaches and the sound of the sea promise a restful break from hectic everyday life.

Rømø - Wadden Sea island in Denmark

Geography - The southernmost of the Danish Wadden Sea islands

Rømø is the southernmost Danish Wadden Sea island and is about three kilometres away from Sylt. It has an area of 128 km² and is connected to the Danish mainland by the Rømødæmningen road embankment, which is 9.2 kilometres long. Its biggest town is Havneby in the south, which has about 300 inhabitants. The mild to temperate maritime climate creates warm summers and mild winters. Due to the strong southwester, the weather is changeable, which is typical of the North Sea island.

Beach landscape on Rømø

Nature - Marshy landscapes, heath and a dark evening sky

The North Sea island of Rømø lies in the Danish Wadden Sea and is part of the Danish Wadden Sea National Park. Its nature impresses with vast heath and marshy landscapes, dune plantations and wide sandy beaches. The latter can become up to four kilometres wide at low tide and are considered Northern Europe's widest beaches. Besides rabbits, hares and deer, numerous bird species feel at home on the island. These birds perform an impressive natural spectacle in spring and autumn. When the sun is setting, several swarms of starlings gather to raise themselves into the air and black out the sky. This phenomenon is called "Black Sun" (Sort sol).

Swarm of birds on Rømø

Culture - See travel, whaling and the Kommandørgården

Despite its small size, Rømø offers a number of cultural sights. The former family farm of the Kommandørgården, which is now an outpost of the Danish National Museum, is a popular tourist destination. Not far away, you see Toftum Skole ("Toftum School"), which is the smallest and oldest school in Denmark and was attended by no more than 40 students in the 18th century. In addition, there is a fence made of whale teeth in Juvre. This fence, which is in a rather decrepit condition now, was built from the bones of a whale's lower jaw, which says a lot about the living conditions in the past. See travel, whaling and the lack of any useful wooden or stone material dominated the life of the island's population in the 16th, 17th and 18th century.

The Danish National Museum on Rømø

Experience - Leisure fun for small and grown-up treasure hunters

Lakolk is the island's commercial centre but it is rather a shopping centre or mile than a settlement. The tourist and holiday village consists mainly of holiday homes, shops and restaurants. The shop Rømø Lys is one of several locations where you can buy regional art handicraft and souvenirs. You can also dip your own candles here. Another leisure facility is the leisure centre of Rømø-Sommerland. With over 50 attractions and a water slide, this park offers fun and entertainment for the whole family. Apart from that, the island fascinates with its cosy atmosphere and relaxation rather than with vibrant activity and crowds of people. If you want to enjoy nature while you go on a treasure hunt, you should go collect amber. There is an increased amount of the gold of the sea around Rømø, which is mixed with local sand, conches, seaweed and pieces of wood from the sea.

Amber at the beach on Rømø

Activities - Landsailing and walks across the mudflats

Rømø is a popular destination with bathers, surfers, kitesurfers and riders. Other leisure activities on the Danish island are land sailing, kite buggying, golfing, cycling and walks across the mudflats. Popular sports and leisure events are the Kite Festival at the beach in Lakolk in September and the motorcycle rally at Whitsun.

Land sailor on Rømø


You reach Rømø via Skaerbaek using the Rømødæmningen road embankment. Alternatively, you can arrive by ferry via Sylt (Sylt Shuttle).

Rømø is the perfect holiday destination for all travellers who are looking for relaxation and want to enjoy the idyll of the Danish North Sea. The cultural sights, various leisure opportunities and wonderful nature of the North Sea captivate all holidaymakers.

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