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Aalborg - The Cultural City at the Limfjord

Aalborg, the fourth biggest city in Denmark and the capital of North Jutland, is blessed with many rRcoco, Renaissance and Gothic as well as modern buildings. Aalborg Zoo, several adventure centres and various leisure opportunities offer entertainment.

Square in Aalborg

Geography - Denmark's fourth biggest city

Aalborg is a Danish city and the capital of the region of North Jutland. With a population of 122,461 people, it is the country's fourth biggest city after Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. A special geographical feature is the strait of the Limfjord, which has an area of 15,000 km², divides the city into two halves and separates the former borough of Norresundby from Aalborg's city centre. The regional weather is shaped by a temperate climate with warm, dry summers and cool winters.

Street in Aalborg

Culture - Timber framework, Renaissance and Gothic meet modernity

Aalborg was first mentioned on a coinage in 1040. Back then, the city was called "Alabu". The present-day big city looks back on a 1000-year-old history. Travellers can learn about it in the Aalborg Historical Museum or on the burial site of Lindholm Høje ("Lindholm Hills"). One of the city's main attractions is Aalborghus Castle in the north of the city. The half-timbered fortification was once built by King Christian III in the 16th century and impresses countless visitors every year. Another architectural highlight as well as a popular postcard scene is the former residential and commercial house of the merchant Jens Bang. It is considered one of the most beautiful Renaissance town houses in Northern Europe. You see another historical facade at the Aalborg City Hall, which is decorated with Rococo elements. Gothic elements, on the other hand, can be found at Budolfi Church in the city centre. The underground Grayfriars Monastery Museum below Aalborg's pedestrian zone is another historical highlight in the cultural city at the Limfjord. The foundation and basement rooms of the former monastery from 1250 accommodate a fascinating exhibition, which informs you about the convent life in medieval Aalborg. The Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg is a contemporary eye-catcher and at least as modern as the artworks displayed in it.

Historical building in Aalborg

Experience - Leisure fun for the whole family

A city trip to Aalborg is fun for the whole family. The maritime adventure centre of Springeren-Maritimt Oplevelsescenter fascinates young and grown-up holidaymakers with its exhibits from sea travel and the marine. In addition, Aalborg Zoo and Leos Legeland (a large indoor playground) promise entertainment. The harbour is excellently suited for a delicious lunch as is the restaurant in the observation tower of Aalborgtårnet. You can taste local specialities at an altitude of 55 metres here, while you enjoy the wonderful view of the city.

Zoo in Aalborg

Activities - Pedal like there's no tomorrow

Going for walks along the harbour or cycling through the city? Aalborg can be explored on foot or by bike. Popular leisure activities are kayaking and sailing on the Limfjord as well as fishing trips and games of golf.

Bicycles in Aalborg


You can go on a city trip to Aalborg at any time of the year. Many holidaymakers prefer the summer months. You can arrive at the city's international airport. It is about six kilometres away from the city centre and is the country's third biggest airport. Besides international destinations like Istanbul, Oslo or Málaga or you can fly to national cities such as Copenhagen from here.

Do you want to go on a relaxed city trip with your whole family? Aalborg is a big city with small town charm, which impresses culture enthusiasts and families. Adventure parks, historical facades and a variety of leisure activities offer variation and entertainment.

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