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    Find the best travel region in Italy

    Italy offers great conditions for travelling. The wonderful cultural buildings from ancient times, the idyllic position at the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea and the Italian cuisine make Italy one of the best travel countries on earth. We have examined the 44 most beautiful travel regions more closely.

    Find a travel destination in Italy

    The Italian Dolomites as a travel region

    The natural diversity of the Italian travel destinations

    Rome is Italy's heart and a worthwhile travel destination. The history-charged buildings, the atmosphere of the ancient Romans and the vast cultural landscape are popular with tourists from all over the world. We were particularly impressed by the Renaissance cities of Florence and Sienna in the travel region of Tuscany. Besides cultural highlights, which make Italy an excellent destination for educational trips, the country impresses with its natural beauty. Italy's legendary Dolomites are a wonderful destination for going hiking and climbing. You find bathing resorts and stunning beaches at the Adriatic Sea and the vast Mediterranean coast. The Aeolian Islands are characterised by untouched stretches of land and adventurers should not miss out on the volcanic landscape around Mount Stromboli.

    The Italian travel destination of Venice

    Bella Italia - the travel destination for romantics

    The most famous couple comes from the beautiful travel destination of Venice - Romeo and Juliet. We can confirm that the city is one of the most romantic travel destination in Italy - if not in the whole world. You see countless lovers on the canals in Venice who enjoy "la dolce vita" ("the sweet life"). Of course, there is no way around the Italian cuisine. The Italians pride themselves on being the inventor of the pizza. It is said that it was first served in the travel destination of Naples. The endless variations of pasta and ice cream let make connoisseurs' hearts leap for joy. If you want to learn more about Italy's most beautiful travel regions, then have a look at out brief travel guides. From Campania and Vatican City to Lake Como - there is a fitting holiday destination for everyone.

    Find a travel destination in Italy

    Find your perfect travel destination in Italy!

    Italy is without doubt one of the most popular travel destination on earth! That is why we want to show you the most beautiful travel destinations within this country.