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    Find the most beautiful Spanish regions for your holiday

    Wonderful beaches, stunning cities for strolling and discovering and the love of life of the young Spanish people make the Mediterranean country one of the most popular travel destinations on earth. Spain's mountainous north and its sunny coasts in the south as well as the Canary and Balearic Islands are excellently suited for short or round trips. To help you find a travel region within Spain, we have compiled the country's most beautiful destinations for you.

    Find a travel destination in Spain

    Travel destination in Spain - Barcelona

    The Spanish atmosphere - travel destinations on the Spanish mainland

    The well-earned annual holiday is without doubt the best time of the year. We often plan these relaxing days months in advance but our idea of the fitting travel destination is often rather vague. Sunshine and sea, preferably in Spain, but where exactly do you want to go? Both the Spanish mainland and the Spanish islands offer wonderful destinations for travellers of all ages. We have examined 41 travel regions in Spain. The popular regions of Andalusia and Catalonia are particularly authentic and typical of Spain. Flamenco dancers and the  vivacious mentality of the Spanish create a pleasant atmosphere in Andalusia. Catalonia contains most of the country's World Cultural and Natural World Heritage sites. Its capital, Barcelona, attracts a particularly high number of visitors. The beautiful architecture of Antoni Gaudí, the green mountains in the middle of the metropolis and the proximity to the sea make the Spanish city appealing. Another destination for a city trip in Spain is the capital of Madrid. It is the country's heart and combines the modern age with old tradition.

    Costa Verde in Spain

    Long parties, young people and the sea

    No matter if you are on the Spanish mainland, the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea or the Canaries in the Atlantic Ocean - the Spanish are a party nation. The young people enjoy partying under the starlit sky until the early morning hours and infect travellers with their good mood and sociability. Holidaymakers can choose between big cities like Madrid and Barcelona and the islands. Majorca and Ibiza are popular travel destination on the Balearic Islands. Among the Canary Island, Tenerife and Gran Canaria fascinate with their unique charm. Both the locals and visitors enjoy Spain's pleasant climate at the beach and find their ideal travel destination here. Of course, Spain also offer calm and relaxing areas. The Costa Verde is a special surprise. It is in full bloom in spring and shows travellers Spain's green and natural side.

    Do you want to know more about the Spanish travel destinations? We have collected all important facts and information about 41 interesting travel destinations in Spain in our brief travel guides. Have fun discovering unique regions!

    Find a travel destination in Spain

    Find your perfect travel destination in Spain!

    The Spanish mainland, the long coast and the many islands make the Mediterranean country one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. We have researched and examined Spain's most worthwhile regions for you. Have fun in Spain!