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    The best travel destinations for your dream holiday in Greece

    Greece is known as the cradle of culture and has a lot to offer as a travel destination. Both the Greek mainland and the islands impress with their natural diversity, the wonderful position at the sea and pleasant climate. If you have already chosen Greece as your next travel destination and you are looking for the most fitting region, you have come to the right place. We show you the most beautiful holiday locations in Greece and find the perfect travel destination for you.

    Find a travel destination in Greece

    Athens - travel destination in Greece

    Sought and found - the most beautiful cultural destinations in Greece

    Culture, history and tradition - the Greek heritage is rich and one of the major reasons why many holidaymakers decide to travel to Greece. We can only warmly recommend the Greek travel destinations and have has a closer look at 30 regions in the country. Great destinations for a city trip are the legendary capital of Athens and Thessaloniki in Macedonia. The columns of the Acropolis, a variety of museums and the magic of the ancient Greeks can be felt to the present-day. Greece already excelled at architecture in ancient times. The temple complex of Knossos on the Greek holiday island of Crete bears witness to one of the oldest advanced civilisation in Europe - the Minoans. An insider tip for culture enthusiasts are the Meteora monasteries on the cliff coasts in Thessaly.

    Zakynthos - Greek island

    Greece's island world - the best travel destinations at the seaside

    A major part of Greece consists of islands. Well-known examples are the largest island of Crete, the volcanic island of Santorini in the Cyclades and the Ionian Islands. They are excellent destinations for holidays at the seaside in summer or the milder early autumn. Although Crete is worth a visit at any time of the year, it is particularly beautiful in spring. At that time, the popular travel region is in full bloom and the air smells of thyme. Besides well-known travel destinations, Greece also offers real treasures and hidden locations. Magical bays, remote beach sections and the wonderful blue sea make Greece a popular holiday destination for romantics and individual travellers who want to relax far away from mass tourism.

    Do you want to known more about the Greek regions? Then have a look at our brief travel guide for Greece. We collected all information and great travel tips for you in it. Have fun browsing!

    Find a travel destination in Greece

    Find your perfect travel destination in Greece!

    Greece is a stunning travel destination. We have compiles the country's most beautiful travel regions and hope you have fun planning your trip to Greece!