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    The 22 most beautiful travel destinations in Switzerland

    As of today, we present you the 22 most beautiful travel destinations in Switzerland. Besides exquisite cities such as Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland fascinates with the snowy peaks in the Bernese Oberland and its excellent skiing areas. In addition, travellers can enjoy Italian atmosphere here when they visit the sunny travel regions around Ticino.

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    Swiss travel region Zurich

    City trips in the most popular travel regions in Switzerland

    Breathtaking landscapes, high mountains and snowy peaks, the delicious Swiss cuisine and excellent wine - there are various reasons to have a closer look at this extraordinary travel destination. We have examined 22 travel regions in Switzerland for you and come to the conclusion that the country is one of the most beautiful and diverse travel destination on earth. Besides the impressive nature, the cities are well worth mentioning. Zurich and Geneva are among the cities with the highest standard of living worldwide and are highly recommended for city trips. Great shopping facilities, a varied gastronomy and a wide range of cultural attractions make Switzerland's cities special travel destinations. The capital of Bern is appealing too. You find a balanced mix of nature and culture in and around the city of Bern. If you want to learn more about the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, then have a look at our brief travel guide.

    Ticino - Swiss travel region

    The Swiss sun in Ticino

    Over 200 skiing and winter sports centres make Switzerland a popular travel destination, especially among young people and winter sports fans. But Switzerland offer more than the snowy peaks of the Bernese Oberland, which are excellently suited for going hiking and climbing in summer. In the southern Alps, you find the travel region of Ticino, which has the atmosphere of its Italian neighbour. The climate is particularly mild and friendly here. A lot of sunshine, wonderful lake sceneries and a touch of tranquillity have make Ticino a real dream destination in Switzerland. You find more information on Switzerland's travel regions, including the wonderful wine-growing region Vaud, the cultural city of Basel or the Lake Geneva Region. Have fun browsing.

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    Find your perfect travel destination in Switzerland!

    Travelmyne helps you find the most attractive and beautiful travel destinations in Switzerland. We have examined both the most important cities and cantons and hope you have fun on your tour of Switzerland.