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  • Where to go in the summer of 2015?

    10 travel tips for summer destinations in 2015

    We bet you can hardly wait for the first long rays of sunshine, green meadows, the smell of barbecues in your nose and a jump into the next bathing lake. We long for summer heat and get you in the right mood for your summer holiday with ten of the most beautiful summer destinations in 2015.

    These are the most beautiful summer destinations in 2015:

    Despite their shared culture and history, each Ionian Island has its very own character. The Ionian Islands are a true paradise for water sports and leisure activities. There are countless opportunities to be active.
    In addition, you can go on a wine tour or go canoeing and kayaking. The Ionian Islands in Greece promise diversity with Venetian charm.
    Thailand is made for getting spoiled. Heavenly beaches, wonderful weather, a delicious cuisine and numerous spas offer perfect conditions for relaxing. The country's south and west are filled with vast rainforests with a lush, rich nature and Thailand is known for its white sandy beaches which are lined by palms and its clear water. They offer the perfect conditions for going bathing, strolling and sunbathing.
    Andalusia is the Spanish region in which you feel the Moorish years of reign and the Spanish image of sun, temperament and flamenco most distinctively. Walking through the alleys of an Andalusian city is like diving into a story from One Thousand and One Nights. Travellers will not get bored in Andalusia because the region offers countless opportunities to be active during your holidays.
    The second greatest canyon on earth, the world's southernmost fjord and the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula are all located in the small country of Montenegro at the Adriatic coast. The Balkan state is still an insider tip among travellers but its natural beauty cannot be kept secret forever. Long sandy beaches at the coast make the country a wonderful destination for summer and bathing holidays. Sailing, swimming, windsurfing - you can do all that in these holiday regions.
    Malta was already a place of refuge, happiness and tranquillity for the Romans. Today the island still attracts romantics with its historical towns and streets. Wonderful sandy beaches, hidden rock grottoes and the azure blue sea create the perfect island experience in the Mediterranean Sea. You find scenic beach sections all over the island - some of them are frequently visited, others are untouched and hidden. Divers and snorkellers get their money's worth in the underground caves and grottoes.
    What do Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como have in common? They are all located in Lombardy and decorate the mountainous landscape of the Alps with their scenic shores and idyllic towns. The Po Plain, the metropolis of Milan and numerous cultural buildings make the wealthy region a true natural and cultural paradise. The great lakes are the ideal locations for water sports fans and bathers. Lake Como and Lake Garda are excellently suited for going surfing, for example.
    Placid elks in the forests and the colourful capital of Stockholm between the Baltic Sea and an extensive lake scenery - Sweden is a true highlight among the North European countries and attracts visitors with the pride of the Vikings and pagan customs. Sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and rowing - Sweden is up for anything. The lake district in South Sweden is ideally suited for all kinds of water sports. The best time for a bathing holiday is from June to August.
    Viewed from the air, the Maldives promise pure island bliss. White sandy beaches, lushly green palm groves and azure blue lagoons invite visitors to relax and dream. The Maldives have specialised in romantic honeymoons, exclusive luxury travel and exquisite spa holidays at the seaside. Surfing, sailing, banana boating, jet-skiing, water skiing, canoeing and much more - the Maldives leave nothing to be desired.
    In summer, the golden beach promises Mediterranean sunshine and party mood. The magic of the Black Sea allures a great number of tourists into the beautiful coastal country of Bulgaria. Besides the Golden Sands and Sunny Beach, the beaches in Obzor and Sozopol Harbour are wonderful destinations for long holidays at the seaside. In addition, the Black Sea coast has adjusted to different water sports. You can go banana boating, jet-skiing, water skiing, parasailing or go on a pedalo trip in most coastal regions during the bathing season.
    In the mighty mountains of the Peruvian Andes you find the magnificent sites of the legendary Inca. The country's deserts are crossed by mysterious Nazca lines and the east of the country is covered in the gigantic rainforest of the Amazon Basin. Peru fascinates travellers with its spectacular landscapes and its Native American culture. Holidaymakers can relax during a boat trip on Lake Titicaca.


    What is your summer destination in 2015?

    There are countless wonderful summer travel destinations all over the world. It seems almost impossible to find the best ones among them. Despite a lot of thinking, our list is only a personal selection. What is your favourite destination for the warm season? Let us know in a comment ;)


    Find your perfect summer holiday!

    Travelmyne shows you the smost beautiful travel destinations for the summer in 2015. Spend your dream holiday at white beaches, go water skiing or marvel at exotic worlds. This summer is yours!


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