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Maldives - A Romantic Island Dream

Viewed from the air, the Maldives promise pure island bliss. White sandy beaches, lushly green palm groves and azure blue lagoons invite visitors to relax and dream. The Maldives have specialised in romantic honeymoons, exclusive luxury travel and exquisite spa holidays at the seaside.

Romantic islands in the Indian Ocean

Geography - The island chain in the Indian Ocean

The name "Maldives" means as much as "island chain" and is a good way of describing the state's character. Like a pearl necklace, dream islands string together here. The Maldives are an island dream come true in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Islamic island country is about 450 kilometres away from the southern tip of India and consists of 26 atolls as well as over 1,000 islands. Only 220 islands are inhabited by locals, which is why they are called "local Islands". Almost 100 islands are reserved for tourists, for example Kuramathi, Bandos or Meeru. The capital of Malé lies on the island of the same name and is the only city of the Maldives. The climate is tropical and humidity is high. Yearly temperatures are between 25 °C and 30 °C on average and the water temperature is 28 °C throughout the year.

A typical Maldivian island

Nature - The paradise in the sea

Dream island next to dream island, one more beautiful than the other - the tourist islands have been developed into exquisite resorts. Of course, you do not find gigantic hotels on these luxury islands. Instead, travellers can stay in characteristic stilt houses, which have been built in the water along the island. Coconut palms and breadfruit are the most common plants on the islands and they provide shade at the white sandy beaches. Geckos and several species of frogs share the islands with the visitors. A particularly spectacular sight is the rich and colourful underwater world. You can watch turtles, colourful schools of fish and corals right in front of your doorstep. The islands are coral islands and therefore not very high. They are only one metre above sea level on average. The highest point of the Maldives is located on Vilingili and is only 2.40 metres high.

The colourful underwater world of the Maldives

Natural sights - Palm beaches and untouched lagoons

No doubt, the Maldives accommodate the most beautiful beaches on earth. Holidaymakers who want to have one of the many white beach sections to themselves can simply set off to an uninhabited island by boat and find their favourite spot. Turquoise lagoons, crystal clear water, pleasantly warm water and a lot of sunshine perfect the island dream. On Kaafu Atoll near the island of Nakatcha Fushi, you see the greatest lagoon, which is one of the most popular bathing locations. To feel like Robinson Crusoe, visitors can stay in one of the stilt houses for a couple of days. The islands can only be reached by boat. Tranquillity and relaxation dominate everyday life here.

Sandy beaches on the Maldives

Culture - The two worlds of the Maldives

It cannot be determined who discovered the archipelago first. However, it is known that the Maldives have been Islamic since the 12th century. Nowadays almost all inhabitants are Sunni Muslims. About a third of the population live on the main island of Malé in the capital. This island can be visited by tourists. However, a number of islands are reserved for the local inhabitants. Travellers are normally not allowed to visit them and if they are, they need special permission and there are severe restrictions. The Maldives are shaped by the Islam, other religions are not permitted.

The capital of Malé

Cultural sights - The capital of Malé

Honestly speaking, only a few holidaymakers visit the Maldives because of its cultural treasures. The untouched nature, stunning beaches and resorts at the seaside are the major attractions. Therefore, it is not surprising that the island country does not offer typical sightseeing tours. If you need a break from the deserted island and want to learn about the way of living of the local inhabitants, you should go on a day trip to the capital of Malé on the island of the same name. Travellers can get to know the Maldivian culture in the National Museum, on the fish market and in the tea houses. The city's oldest building is the Old Friday Mosque Hukuru Miskiiy.

Stilt houses in the Maldives

Experience - Relaxation and culinary pleasures

Michelin-starred chefs prepare everything the world's cuisines have to offer in the luxury resorts. Authentic Maldivian dishes are influenced by the Asian cuisine. Rice and curry are typical local ingredients. In addition, seafood and fish are freshly caught and prepared. Since agriculture is almost impossible on the islands, most exotic fruit and other food have to be imported from neighbouring countries. If you want to take home a mussel or coral which you find at the beach as a souvenir, you should rather buy them in form of jewellery in designated shops because export of stranded goods is normally not permitted. The focus during holidays on the Maldives is on relaxation. You find spas and health facilities on most tourist islands. Massages, beauty treatments and recreational activities in the stilt houses or at the beach guarantee the right feelgood factor. In the evening, the resorts usually organise idyllic barbecues at the beach. The perfect island atmosphere is created by the traditional drum music "boduberu" and local dances.

Freshly caught delicacies from the Maldives

Activities - Out and about in the azure blue ocean

Surfing, sailing, banana-boating, jet-skiing, water skiing, canoeing and much more - the Maldives leave nothing to be desired when it comes to water sports. In addition, the country is a real diving paradise. Colourful reefs, shark feeding and perfect visibility draw more and more divers and snorkellers to the island country. Deep sea fishers get their money's worth too and several hotels offer exciting nightly fishing trips under a starlit sky.

Being active in the island world


Winter and spring have the smallest number of rainy days, which is why the months from December to April are the best travel time. When planning a trip to the Maldives, you have to keep in mind that not all islands are open to tourism.

The Maldives are one of the most beautiful travel destinations on earth. The island country has specialised in spa and luxury holidays as well as honeymoons. Travellers who want to experience the quiet find tranquillity and relaxation on the deserted palm islands.

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