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Cambodia – Hidden Treasures in the Jungle

For thousands of years they have been standing in the jungle as mystic monuments: Cambodia's impressive, mysterious temple complexes. They are embedded in a rich, tropical nature. The country's lively, exotic culture, which is especially present at the rivers and in the cities, is also worth mentioning.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Geography - Mekong, mountains and 64 islands

The South East Asian kingdom Cambodia is located at the Gulf of Thailand. The Mekong, one of the world's ten longest rivers, crosses the country in the east. A gigantic basin, which is framed by several plateaus and mountain ranges such as the Cardamom Mountains and the Anaimalai Hills characterise the state's landscape. The monsoon climate causes the country to have pleasantly warm temperatures between 25 and 30 °C throughout the year. 64 islands belong to Cambodia.

Koh Kong Island in Cambodia

Nature - Exotic landscapes and special animals

In Cambodia holidaymakers find such special landscapes as the tropical rainforest, savannas with dry forests and the typical mangrove forests at the coast. The rare, extraordinary animals also make the country worth visiting. Examples of the diverse fauna are some of the last river dolphins, elephants, tigers, snakes like the king cobra, megabats and turtles.

Megabats in Cambodia

Natural sights - Ream or Chi Phat National Park

Entering the thicket of the jungle and tracing river dolphins – that is possible, for example, in the Ream National Park or in the Chi Phat National Park. Those who do not want to travel on foot can take a boat tour. A natural curiosity is the almost perfectly round crater lake Yeak Laom in the north-east of Cambodia. The caves near Kampot are another attraction.

Boats in Cambodia

Culture - Overcoming the terror regime of the Khmer Rouge

Cambodia has been a French colony for a long time. The terror regime of the Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1979 is one of the most dire events in the country's past, from which Cambodia tries to free itself. About 14.5 million people live in the country today.

City on the water in Cambodia

Cultural sights - The legendary temple complex of Angkor Wat

The most important attraction on a journey through Cambodia is probably the famous, mighty temple complex Angkor Wat. It is the world's greatest religious building and was built by the ancient Khmer in honour of the king Suryavarman II in the 12th century. There are more, partly remote, temples in the jungle. The capital Phnom Penh also accommodates cultural sights such as the Royal Palace with the silver pagoda. A little outside of the city you find a monument in memory of the Khmer Rouge, which is made of 8,000 skulls.

Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia

Experience - From glass noodles to grasshoppers

Culinary specialities of the country are glass noodle soup or such exotic dishes as grasshoppers. In many restaurants you can prepare the meat yourself on table grills. Especially on the markets visitors find characteristic local dishes and goods such as wood carvings, masks, fabrics or jewellery. But attention: there are strict regulations for the export of gemstones and antiquities. Most bars and restaurants are located in the tourist regions but Phnom Penh also develops into a city with a lively culture and nightlife for going out.

Food in Cambodia

Activities - Discovering by boat and relaxing at the seaside

On boat trips on the rivers visitors can dive into the fantastic jungle and marvel at the country's natural beauty. A scouting expedition by motorcycle is also an exciting, unique experience. Several fine sandy beaches offer perfect conditions for swimming. Cambodia is also popular with hikers.

Holidays in Cambodia


Khmer and French are the most common languages. Many locals also speak English nowadays. Flights to Cambodia mostly lead to the airports in Phnom Penh (PNH) or Siem Reap (REP) via Bangkok. Besides taking the train and the car, you can also travel the country on its numerous waterways. The US dollar is the usual means of payment, apart from a few local currencies. Before setting out on a journey, visitors should inform themselves about the protection against malaria and yellow fever.

Cambodia is an exotic travel destination. Both adventurers and visitors who want to experience the country's unique culture with its fascinating buildings get their money's worth here.

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