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  • English Language Day
  • English Language Day 2015

    Top 10 most fascinating English-speaking travel destinations in the world

    Today is the English Language Day, a day which was introduced by the UNESCO. They chose this date because it is also the World Book Day as well as the birthday of William Shakespeare, one of the greatest British writers who wrote Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream and many others we have all heard of. But there are other writers such as James Joyce, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde who have made their contribution to English literature and the English language itself.

    Today more than ever, the English language is of major importance and considered the "global language". You notice that when you are travelling because you get along using English in almost any part of the world. English is the official language in many countries and in many other, it is taught at school as a main subject.

    In the following section, we show you 10 of the most fascinating travel destination in which English is the official language.

    These are 10 popular English-speaking travel destinations:

    South Africa is a country full of facets. You find everything the African continent has to offer here: fascinating landscapes, a rich exotic fauna and the African culture in conjunction with European influences. The ideal destination for varied holidays.
    New Zealand's singularity and extraordinary beauty can hardly be put into words. Fascinating rocky islands, green hilly meadows, smoking volcanoes and everlasting blue glaciers string together in this breathtaking landscape.
    The majestic Rocky Mountains, gigantic conifer forests and the orange autumn under the maple tree make Canada a true natural paradise. The country's variety of cultures is especially present in the metropolises of Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal.
    High cliff coasts, vast meadows and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow allure romantics and lovers of nature to the beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean. The Irish hospitality and the sociability of the pubs are a must for every adventurer and culture enthusiast.


    Gigantic metropolises, invincible canyons and a vibrant cultural landscape characterise the picture of the "New World" and still make dreams come true. The melting pot of nations is one of the most popular travel destinations on earth.
    They are mentioned in the same breath but they differ considerably: in Tobago, travellers find a placid, native storybook island. Trinidad, however, has left its existence as a sleepy island behind and is vibrant with modern, lively activity today.
    You have never heard of the Big Five, popos and Swahili? Then it is about time that you come to Kenya. From the world capital of the safari you travel into the savannah to the greatest African herds of elephants and lively giraffes. Majestic lions lie lounge in the sun and the snow glistens on the white Kilimanjaro.
    The legacy of the Celts and Vikings, the legends of King Arthur in Camelot and the culture of the highlanders in Scotland - this many impressions call for a relaxing teatime in London, the heart of the greatest European island state in the United Kingdom.
    Reggae, dreadlocks and sun Jamaica embodies the Caribbean love of life. An untamed energy, which is expressed in the temperamental music, mixes with the calmness of the sun-drenched island.
    Strange paintings on harsh walls of rock, an opera house which resembles sails of a ship and jumping marsupials at the edge of dry desert landscapes - the Australians are a singular nation. Still, the Great Barrier Reef and the seaport metropolis of Sydney attract countless tourists every year.


    Which English-speaking travel destination is the best for you?

    There are numerous country's whose inhabitants speak English. Countries with completely different cultural and natural landscapes. All of them a worth seeing but you have to decide which destination you want to visit first. One is spoilt for choice. But don't worry. Our travel destination search engine helps you make this difficult decision. It gives you the opportunity to filter travel destinations according to their languages and, of course, English is one of them.


    To travel is to learn!

    Are you still looking for the perfect travel destination where you can speak English again? Use our travel destination search and choose English as the desired language. We show you the most beautiful places for speaking English across the globe!

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