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  • What to do against wanderlust
  • 20 remedies for wanderlust

    20 home remedies which help against wanderlust

    It hits you year after year, one of the most widespread diseases of all. The symptoms are extremely varied but they are often accompanied by growing anxiety, itchy feet, insomnia, nervousness and daydreams. We are talking about wanderlust. Isolde MaReisen discussed the topic in her blog (German), which caused us to share our experience with you and give you tips on how to deal with wanderlust.

    Remedies for wanderlust

    In professional jargon, wanderlust is an addition which spares no age group, gender or nationality. Everyone is at risk. In addition, it is extremely contagious. Experts know that wanderlust is incurable. There are, however, remedies which help you mitigate the symptoms and produce relief

    The problem is particularly great is you have already planned a trip but it is still a long way away. You need to weather this time in a useful way and without damage. Affected people are quick to resort to chemical products of the pharma industry. Most of the time, however, this is not necessary and it may even worsen the situation. Our experience with frequent and long-distance travellers, who often struggle with wanderlust, taught us many effective tips and home remedies for wanderlust. The following article shows you the 20 best home remedies for wanderlust

    Warning: Used excessively, these remedies for wanderlust bear an addiction potential too. If you experience any side effects, please consult your tour operator or pharmacist. 

    Remedy 1 – Bring memories back to life

    Along the lines of "a journey never ends", it will probably help you to call to mind your last trip. When it rains outside and the sky is grey, it will make you feel warm all over to look at pictures from your last summer holiday. How about sorting all those saved photos or putting the developed pictures in a photo album? Alternatively, you can make a slide show and show them to your friends to bring your positive holiday memories to mind. 

    Remedy 2 - The way to a traveller's heart is through their stomach

    Are you planning a round trip through India or a city trip to New York? That's great! Taste your destination's typical local cuisine at home and send your stomach on a journey of the senses. Invite your friends and cook the most delicious Indian dishes. This way, you can already experience the smell of your travel destination. Or bake a New York Cheesecake for you and your colleagues. When you arrive at your holiday destination, you can compare your own cooking to the original.

    Remedies for wanderlust

    Remedy 3 – Feed the piggy bank

    Even if there is still time before your next trip, you can already do something to prepare for it actively. Set up a savings or instant access account as your holiday fund or – in an old-fashioned way – get a big and greedy travel piggy bank. The latter has the positive effect that you see it every day begging you for money. Feed the travel piggy bank to save up for your next trip long-term. Instead of getting another overpriced coffee from Starbucks, give the money to your piggy bank and make your own coffee. Small amounts accumulate over time and make the moment you rob your porcine financial helper before you set on your next journey a happy one. 

    Remedy 4 – A picture is worth a thousand words

    Get a travel guide and picture books for your travel destination. You find many of those in the library, so you don't even have to spend money. Instead of watching TV, go to the library. You will be surprised how much literature there is on your travel destination. Of course, you can also mark destinations in a travel guide on your sofa at home. The many pictures and information will take you one step closer to your dream destination, even months before the actual trip. 

    Remedy 5 – The theme party

    Once you get the fever, you have to ride it out. The best thing is to invite some friends. Have a themed party where the theme is your travel destination. With the right music, clothes, food and origami, you get Japan into your living room and infect your friends with the holiday fever. It's much easier to bear it together. 

    Remedy 6 – Visualise

    If you have an acute case of wanderlust, it might help to visualise your destination. Find yourself a quiet corner, close your eyes and imagine you are already there. Fell the sand below your feet and listen to the sound of the sea. A map of your travel destination can help you orientate yourself. Spread out a great road map and go along the planned routes with your finger. This way, you have already been there for a brief moment

    Remedies for wanderlust

    Remedy 7 – Make a list

    Who says that you can't start packing six months before you start your journey? Surely you should pack your clothes and suitcase(s) shortly before your trip but you can make a list of things you want to take with you in advance. There are many things you can buy beforehand. And if you buy sun cream for your summer holidays in winter and put it on your shelves, your holidays will probably not feel as far away any more. You can also try bikinis in winter. That is guaranteed to create summer feelings.

    Remedy 8 – Film night

    There are exciting documentations and films about almost every travel country which where shot in the country. Get the popcorn ready and enjoy a long film night preparing you for your next travel destination

    Remedy 9 – Tick the time away

    What used to work for Santa Claus or the next school holidays, is also a great option to shorten the waiting time until your next trip. Get a tear-off or tick-off calendar. Tick off every day that's passed or tear off a sheet and time will fly by. 

    Remedy 10 – Do it!

    Why go far away if what you are looking for is right on your doorstep? You can hardly wait to go travelling because you can go kayaking, hiking, swimming or climbing in your travel destination? Guess what! Most of the activities you enjoy on holiday are also possible in your home country. If you look around, you will probably find places where you can go kayaking and hiking is possible almost anywhere. It is a good idea to wear in your hiking shoes before you start your journey. This way, you avoid blisters and you can test your stamina beforehand. The same is true of climbing, swimming, rafting, cycling, horseback riding, jogging etc. 

    Remedies for wanderlust

    Remedy 11 – Learn the language

    Learning a foreign language is no piece of cake but it brings you much closer to your travel country. Of course, no one expects you to speak the language perfectly but all native inhabitants are happy when they hear tourists say "Please", "Thank you", "Good day" or "I don't speak your language" in their country's language. Even the most tentative attempts break the ice and put a smile on your host's face. It is a great way of getting in touch with the country and its people. 

    Remedy 12 – Stay current

    A great way of learning more about a country is reading travel blogs which write about this country. Blogs do not only offer authentic and deep insights, they also give you many insider tips. Bloggers usually enjoy sharing their knowledge of countries with people who are interested. 

    Remedy 13 – Upgrade yourself

    We all want our next holiday or trip to be perfect. The accommodation has to be clean and trim, the people open and cordial, the sea turquoise blue and the weather sunny with a glorious blue sky. What about turning the tables and trying to be our perfect self? Instead of asking what our travel destination has to offer, we ask ourselves what we can offer. Go for a run to get rid of winter fat, get a haircut and have a pedicure. Upgrade yourself for your next trip!

    Remedy 14 – Read a book

    To prepare yourself for your next travel destination, you can try to understand the people's mentality by reading the works written by important writers from that destination. Every country has produced its own great authors and many of them write about impressions and opinions of their home country.

    What helps against wanderlust

    Remedy 15 – Update your address book

    Who doesn't know this situation? You have bought postcards, written entertaining messages and now you only need the addresses to send the colourful stack to your family and friends at home. But, oh no, Aunt Charlotte has moved you don't remember your lovely neighbour's name. Many postcards never reach their person they were written for. Think of people you want to write to beforehand and compile a current address book or make a list of their current addresses. This way, nothing will go wrong when you're on holiday. 

    Remedy 16 – Make room

    The new cameras and smartphones make it possible to take hundreds of photos on holiday. Nothing can stop you except for the limit of your memory card. Sort out your smartphone and your camera's memory card and move old holiday pictures to other storage media such as your computer or an external hard disk drive. This way, you have a lot of room for new photos on your next trip and sorting the old photos probably arouses holiday feelings.

    Remedy 17 – Use Google

    Google Street View makes it possible for you to walk through Barcelona, London or Shanghai while you're sitting on your sofa. Go on a virtual trip through your next travel destination and discover exciting sights and hidden alleys in the world's most beautiful travel regions from home. 

    Remedy 18 – Grill insiders

    Meet up with people who have already been where you want to go. It doesn't matter if they are friends or if you meet them in travel forums. There are people everywhere who want to talk about their travel experience and share it with you. In addition, the people who have already been to or lived in a place are the ones who can give you the best insider tips

    What to do against wanderlust

    Remedy 19 – Create oases

    Sometimes it helps to create islands of tranquillity and relaxation in your own four walls. A hot bubble bath with fragrant oils, candles and the right music put us into a good mood and relax us. There is nothing worse than being stressed when you start your journey. 

    Remedy 20 – Distract yourself

    Trips are one of the most exciting things in life but they are only a part of it and should be seen as that. There are many things besides travelling which are important to us and we have to take care of those too. So, when you suffer from wanderlust, distract yourself. Meet friends, go outside and do sports. Distraction is the best medicine.


    The dosage of the remedies depends on the severity of wanderlust. The remedies can be combined with one another. We hope you have fun trying them and get well soon.

    A tip from our editors:

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    If you need more tips or remedies for wanderlust, leave a comment.


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