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Travelmyne is a unique and free search engine for travel destinations, which is able to find the ideal travel destination for you on the basis of over 100,000 data sets from hundreds of travel regions from all over the world!

  • Travel destination search in English
  • The English travel search is online!

    "In English, please!" - The English travel destination search...

    Our German travel destination search started almost two months ago. Now the English counterpart sets out into the WorldWideWeb. This way, all English speakers have the opportunity to use our travel destination search for their next dream holiday. Check it out!

    What dies the English travel destination search offer?

    Under, you find our travel destination search with all functions, information and blog entries in English. It works exactly the same way. You set important travel options such as climate, arrival, landscapes, culture and activities and we calculate which travel destinations fit your choices and preferences best. Like the German one, the English travel destination search offers you over 90 choices for your next trip and is based on a database with several hundred thousand datasets on hundreds of travel regions across the globe.

    Find your travel destination now

    Search within a country

    Of course, you can also refine your search using the English travel destination search by searching within a specific country. This way, you can find a fitting destination within Italy, Greece or Spain, for example, to know exactly where your next trip will take you. We have a particularly close look at the most important travel countires to find the most beautiful destinations and places the country has to offer. The list of these top countries is growing constantly. More and more countries are added, within which you can search for a specific region.

    Any more?

    Do you have any more questions about how the Travelmyne travel destination search engine works? Then look at our FAQ or use our step-by-step instruction. Of course, you can also contact us directly. Use our contact form or leave a comment below this blog entry. We also respond to your questions, wishes and suggestions on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We are looking forward to your feedback.

    Find your travel destination in English!

    From now on, you can search for your travel destination in English. We are looking forward to your feedback. Check it out!


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