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  • Summer holidays 2015
  • Our summer holiday in 2015

    Where do you travel in the summer of 2015?

    The time has finally come. Temperatures are rising, the skirts get shorter and people get ready to put on their flip-flops. The summer is approaching and we want to answer the question: "Where do you spend your summer holiday in 2015?" Of course, the editors of Travelmyne are looking forward to the best time of the year just like everyone else. That is why we asked around and got some colleagues to tell us their holiday plans for the summer of 2015. We found out a few interesting facts, but more about that later...


    That's how the Travelmyne team spend their summer holiday in 2015:

    Hungary - summer holiday destination 2015

    Meeting friends in Hungary

    Our editor Katharina has committed herself to the proud horse people this year and spends her summer holiday 2015 in Hungary. Her aim is to spend time with her Hungarian friends and get to know the people and their country authentically at first hand. The country in Eastern Europe is very well suited for a summer trip in 2015. The possibilities are manifold and offer something for everyone. Katharina is most of all looking forward to the lively and charming capital of Budapest with its many bridges over the Danube, the gigantic parliament building and the impressive market halls with all the delicacies you can get in Hungary.

    If you stay a little longer, you may have time for a trip to Europe's most famous lake - Lake Balaton. The lake region attracts countless tourists very year. Families with small children prefer Lake Balaton because you can walk very far into the flat water here. The pleasant climate, many hours of sunshine and a wide range of activities make Hungary the ideal travel destination for people who go on holiday on their own or with friends.


    Italy - summer holiday destination

    Bella Italia in 2015

    La dolce vita, ti amo, ciao bella! Who doesn't love the Italian language? Our editor Marie is dedicated to the English language. Her summer holiday 2015, however, is all about Italian. To make sure shoe doesn't lose all her language skills, she is planning to go on a trio to the beautiful country of Italy. The numerous cultural sights, historical cities and open-minded don't make it difficult for holidaymakers to lose their hearts. Popular destinations are Rome, VeniceVeronaFlorence and Pisa but it is not easy to make up one's mind. Italy is so rich in impressive places and attractions everyone should have seen at least once in their life that it is difficult to make a decision.

    Another reason for Italy is its excellent and world-famous food. There is hardly any other cuisine which is as well-known and widespread across the globe as the Italian one. Pastapizza and the delicious ice cream are most famous examples. Even convinced nutritionists are powerless here and it would be a shame to miss out on all the country's specialities.


    Croatia - summer holiday destination 2015

    To good to be true - Croatia

    Our programmer Denny is not a man of long discourses and travels to Croatia "because it's beautiful." We have to admit that he's right. Croatia offers some of the most appealing landscapes in the whole of Europe. The Plitvice Lakes with their scenic waterfalls are only one of many popular destinations. Pure nature, great beaches, unique turquoise blue lakes and a variety of active leisure opportunities make Croatia just the place for your summer holiday 2015.

    It should be mentioned that Croatia offers countless camping grounds. Therefore, you can go on a trip with friends and have fun outdoors without spending a lot of money. Water sports, rafting tours, hiking and trekking are possible here and popular with visitors of all ages.


    Denmark - summer holiday destination 2015

    Relaxing at the Danish coast

    Our editor Janina is already looking forward to her summer holiday 2015 in Denmark. Vast beaches, the North and Baltic Sea, scenic dunes and fresh air are great conditions for unwinding and taking a break from everyday life. Denmark is the ideal travel destination for families with young children. There are countless holiday apartments, most of which are located at the beach, and the infrastructure has adjusted to travellers with children. Cycling along the beach promenade, bathing in the Baltic Sea and the delicious Danish waffles make the hearts of young and grown-up holidaymakers leap for joy.

    In addition, Denmark has an interesting Viking past. You find many relics from this exciting period of Danish history to the present day. Ancient tombs, longships, rune stones and ruins of deserted villages bear witness to the Vikings' architecture and customs. If you are interested in history, you will definitely enjoy yourself here.


    A summary of our summer holidays in 2015

    Denmark, Croatia, Italy and Hungary - there is a clear trend for the summer holiday in 2015 among our Travelmyne editors: Europe is the place to go. All these destinations can be reaches by carFlexibility and independence seem to be important. Bathing opportunities at a beach or lake are common reasons for choosing a destination. In addition, relaxation is at the top of the wish list for the summer holiday in 2015.

    What about you? Where are you going in the summer of 2015?

    Have you not planned your summer holiday 2015 yet?

    Then check out our free travel destination search engine and we show you the travel destinations which fit you best. Make 2015 the summer of your life!


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