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    Planning a trip together

    The holidays are the best time of the year. Leaving behind stressful everyday life, unwinding for a few weeks and enjoying the good things in life - that's how most of us image our dream holiday. We love spending our days off work with our loved ones. But no matter if you are taking your partner, family or best friend - a trip together is often an issue of dispute and that starts when you are planning the trip. She wants to go to the sea, he wants to go to cross the mountains on his mountain bike. To help you avoid getting into an argument, we have compiled a number of useful tips for harmonious holiday planning.

    Planning a trip together

    Conflict potential for planning a trip

    Sad but true: every third divorce is filed for after a holiday. Although we all long for harmony, tranquillity and relaxation on holiday, there is the best time of the year bear an unforeseen potential for conflict and can be a real relationship killer. This does not only affect couples but also friends and families. These conflicts often begin before you set out on your journey and show their true colours once you have reached your destination. The choice of the right travel destination alone entails enough fuel for conflict to make our holidays a metaphorical obstacle course.

    Too high expectations, many individual wishes and no consideration of the fellow travellers are common reasons for arguments on holiday. And that although it can be so simple to find a fitting travel destination which meets all requirements. The following tips show you how to plan your holidays without any conflicts.


    Harmonious holiday planning

    Tips for holiday harmony from the start

    Your holiday together starts at home when you begin to plan it. Make sure that you enjoy this and already prepare yourselves for the best time of the year while sitting on your sofa...

    1. Enough time for planning

    The trip starts when you begin to plan it and this step should not be rushed. Take your time and plan your holiday together. There is an abundance of offers and brochures out there and you can go to the travel agency together. The best way of planning, however, is probably doing it at home without any pressure. Whether you are sitting on the sofa or at the kitchen table with your whole family - make time for your dream holiday. It might help you to set a date for this. If you agree to come together on Saturday after breakfast to plan the trip several days before the weekend, for example, everyone has time to give it some thought and look forward to it.

    2. Wish lists from all travellers

    When you have all gathered, you can start planning your trip. The more people go on a trip together, the more wishes and expectation there are. Although it is almost impossible to answer all wishes, every traveller should get the chance to utter their wishes. Make a shared wish list, everyone can put their preferences on. Stay open and don't reject everything you don't like from the beginning. The list is only a collection of ideas and wishes. Write down what environment you would like to be in or what you want to do on holiday. Do you want to visit a big city or go into the countryside? Are you looking for water sports facilities or evening entertainment. Don't forget to include the youngest travellers. Not every travel destination is suited for small children.

    3. Set boundaries

    When the wish list is finished, you can sort it. Surely, some of the wishes are similar. If three of four travellers want to go to the sea, for example, and only one wants to visit a big city, you can give in to the majority. Some wishes on this list may not be feasible. This is the time to set boundaries. If you would love to go on a trip to a palm island with white sandy beach but you don't have enough money for a holiday in the Caribbean, you need to limit yourself or find an island which fits the budget. There are great island destinations like Rügen or Usedom in Germany, for example, and palms also grow on Tenerife and Gran Canaria in Spain.

    Psst: Travelmyne can also find cities which lies at the sea...

    Find fitting travel destinations

    Wishes which do not fit the time frame can be excluded as well. Round trips, for example, usually take several weeks and cannot be done in five days. The time of the trip also plays an important role. If you want to go skiing in summer, you need to know that most of the few summer skiing areas are located in the southern hemisphere. Exceptions are the Austrian Alps or in countries beneath the north pole such as Greenland and Norway.

    4. Determine the budget

    One of the most important parameters for planning a trip is the financial aspect. If you only have a small budget and you want to travel with your whole family, you will have to look for destination which are close by. Even children and teenagers will understand that. Even if you don't have much money to spend, your holiday doesn't have to be boring. There are numerous travel destinations which have an attractive location and offer many activities and facilities without being expensive.

    In addition, you can economise on transport and equipment. It is often cheaper to drive yourself then to take a plane with the whole family. Travellers who want to do water sports can book their hotel with half board instead of all inclusive. This way, you save money on things that aren't necessary, so you can spend more on things that are important to you.

    5. Use Travelmyne

    Do you want beaches, mountains, entertainment and you don't want to go without any of this? Then use the Travelmyne search engine. Out your travel wishes into the search mask (check your wish list again), start the search and the search engine will show you the destinations which fit best. This way, you don't have to settle for a comprise. Instead, you get the holiday everyone wants! Check it out and find your perfect travel destination with Travelmyne.


    Travel destination search Travelmyne

    Planning a trip with Travelmyne

    The Travelmyne search engine helps you find exactly the travel destinations which fit your preferences best. No matter how different your wishes are, our database contains hundreds of travel destinations with all kinds of characteristics. Move the sliders to make them match your wishes and start your search. You want to go to the sea but he your friend wants to be in the mountains? No problem! Go to the category called "Nature" and move the sliders for "Sea" and "Mountains" as well as for anything else that is important to you to the right position and click "Start the search".

    Depending on whether you are looking for a destination across the globe or within a world region or country, you will find travel destinations which fit your requirements. Stay calm when you're planning your holiday and look forward to numerous travel regions which match your choices. Most of you will probably be surprised how many travel destinations there are in which you can both lie at the beach and climb in the mountains.


    Our tip:

    Use the Travelmyne travel destination search together. Each of you sets the sliders for 5 criteria and the search can begin!

    Travelmyne travel destination search

    We hope you have fun planning your next trip together and have a relaxing holiday!

    Find your ideal travel destination together!

    Using Travelmyne, everybody gets what they want. Put your preferences into the search machine and we show you the most fitting travel destinations for your next dream holidays - without any disagreements.


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