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Travelmyne is a unique and free search engine for travel destinations, which is able to find the ideal travel destination for you on the basis of over 100,000 data sets from hundreds of travel regions from all over the world!

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    From the idea to the project...

    At the beggining, it was just a thought but the idea grew. Why is there no website which helps you plan your holiday if you know what you want to do but you do not know where? Which is the best place for going skiing? Which beach in Italy is the best for a relaxed sunbath? And which city in Asia is the best for a city trip? The time has come for a novel search engine which finds your perfect travel destination - the time has come for Travelmyne!

    Travelmyne is going online

    A unique project...

    After we did not find anything like it, we made the decision. We would develop an extensive and detailed travel destination search engine ourselves. Our writers were ready to start - ready to examine the most beautiful and extraordinary travel destinations on earth. Almost 100 search criteria have to be considered for every travel region. This way, we get to know evry travel destination in detail. We discover new countries every day and our our database is filled with lots of information on our travel destinations.

    But that is not all...

    We quickly noticed that it would not be enough to analyse the world's countries. We needed to go into detail. So we also included the most popular travel destinations within a country. First, we looked at Spain. Besides Majorca, Barcelona etc., there are many exciting insider tips we want to share with you. We are examining Switzerland at the moment. Geneva and Zurich are among the cities with the highest standard of living and the Swiss Alps attracts thousands of skiing and winter sports fans every year.

    Looking ahead...

    As soon as we have delt with the most popular travel regions in Spain and the most beautiful holiday destination in Switzerland, we will look at the travel countires of Greece and Italy. The kangaroo country of Australia and, of course, Germany are at the top of our list of priorities. We can hardly wait to show you the best travel destinations in the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, the USA and many more.

    Besides our brief travel guides, which contain all the important travel information about your favourite holiday region, we are working hard on the core of pur project - the travel destination search engine. You can put your specific travel preferences with regard to landscape, cultural sights and leisure activities into the search mask. Our database then calculates and identifies the travel destinations which meet your search request best. We will keep you up to date.

    We hope you have fun reading our brief travel guides, which are online for you to discover now, and are looking forward to see you here again soon.

    Find your perfect travel destination!

    Whether you are looking for a mountain panorama in winter or sun, beach and sea in summer - everyone has their own preferences and Travelmyne helps you find exactly those destinations which fit your interests best.