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Bermuda - Mysterious Islands in the Atlantic Ocean

The Bermudas are surrounded my many legends and myths. It is a fact, however, that they offer wonderful water and scenic beaches and are populated by relaxed people who celebrate the British legacy in the Caribbean. A delicious island cuisine and the breathtaking nature make a trip to the region in the Atlantic Ocean a memorable experience.

Bermuda's Horseshoe Bay

Geography - Caribbean island in the Atlantic Ocean

Far out in the Atlantic Ocean, you find the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda. The island group consists of 360 coral islands but only a few of them are inhabited. Their largest and most important island is Grand Bermuda, which is divided into nine parishes. About 1,000 inhabitants live in the capital of Hamilton. The climate is subtropical, warm and humid. Precipitation is relatively high throughout the year. The warmest season is the summer with 27 °C on average. It never gets really cold. The coolest month is February with 17 °C. Travellers should definitely avoid the hurricane season in September.

Canoeing in front of Bermuda

Nature - The curiosity of the Bermudas

The dismembered Bermudas are rather isolated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and constitute a part of the Caribbean islands. They are covered in lush, green vegetation all year. The favourable climate provides great conditions for extensive agriculture. Caribbean fruit, tobacco, potatoes and lilies are some of the most common products. Hibiscus, palms and gum trees grow on the islands as well. One curiosity are the Bermudas' domestic pigs. Centuries ago, sailors dropped the European pigs on the islands. They wanted to be sure that they would find something edible on their return. The plan worked and the domestic pigs produced a lot of offspring. Today's one penny coin is reminiscent of this history. It still shows the domestic pig. Other members of the local fauna are numerous bird species such as the Bermuda petrel, a flourishing underwater world and turtles.

Bermuda's unique caves

Natural sights - Magical caves, wonderful reefs and friendly dolphins

The coral islands are surrounded by a vast reef system and a magical underwater fauna. Divers and snorkellers realised the Bermudas were the ideal water sport destination a long time ago. They accommodate the northernmost coral reefs on earth. Other highlights are the islands' many karst caves. Fascinating examples are Crystal Cave and Leamington Cave. Travellers can explore several national parks on shore and on the water and visit the wonderful Botanical Gardens on Paget Island. Whale and dolphin lovers should come to the islands between March and April.

Bermuda's dolphins

Culture - The smaller United Kingdom

Only 20 of the 360 islands are permanently populated. 55 percent of the population are Afro-Americans and 34 percent are Whites, mainly from Great Britain. The closeness to the United Kingdom is apparent in the Overseas Territory. It is not only indicated by the language but also by holidays, parades, the island cuisine and the fashion. The Bermudas are basically a smaller version of the United Kingdom - but with much better weather.

Bermuda's churches

Cultural sights - The capital of Hamilton and the Bermuda Triangle

Even the biggest city, Hamilton, only has 1,000 inhabitants and displays the typical, idyllic island architecture - colourful, green and trim. Worthwhile attractions are the cabinet building, the cathedral from the 19th century in Church Street, Fort Hamilton and Perot's post office. Holidaymakers should not miss out on a harbour tour here. It is even more idyllic in the village of Somerset, where city dwellers can unwind and relax. The historical town of St. George's was founded in 1612 and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, including its fortification. Travellers who are interested in sunken ships and old wrecks need to visit the Maritime Museum on Ireland Island. You learn everything about the myths and legends which surround the enchanted Bermuda Triangle, which - according to legend - makes ships and planes disappear without a trace.

Capital of Bermuda - Hamilton

Experience - Feasting and enjoying the beach

The best time for culinary adventures is from September to April. During this time, you see the delicious and famous Bermuda lobster on all menus. But Bermuda also has a lot to offer at other times of the year. Fish soups with sherry and rum, sea snails and shark dishes make connoisseurs' hearts leap for joy. In addition, you have fresh fruit from the islands and sweet drinks like the Rum Swizzle. Since there is no value added tax on the Bermudas yet, it pays off to have a closer look at the shop windows. There are many shops in the Frontstreet in Hamilton. Swimwear, Bermuda shorts and beauty products are particularly common. In the evening, you can go to barbecues at the beach. Calypso music and freshly caught fish contribute to the relaxed atmosphere. Adventurers will find many areas to explore here. The numerous cave systems at the seaside or under the water are particularly impressive.

Bermuda's natural grottoes

Activities - Going bathing throughout the year

The Bermudas offer deserted dream beaches as far as the eye can see. Bathing, doing water sports, diving and fishing are popular activities here and define the attitude towards life. Crystal clear water, sun and the relaxed inhabitants promise the perfect summer holidays.

Bermuda's dream beaches - Southampton


Tourists are not allowed to rent a car in Bermuda. To protect the environment, only the locals are permitted to drive cars. Since the speed limit is 35 km/h (approx. 20 mph), you get around as fast by bike, bus or taxi. Travellers can use ferries to visit the many Bermuda islands. In addition, the Bermudas are the home port of many cruisers and luxury yachts.

A stunning island panorama, many culinary surprises and the exciting legends about the Bermuda Triangle make the Atlantic islands a wonderful destination for travellers of all ages.

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