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Grenada - The Caribbean Spice Island

Grenada's beaches are among the most beautiful ones in the world. Many travellers come to the small Caribbean paradise on a cruiser and find it hard to leave the islands again. The turquoise blue sea and the Caribbean serenity make a trip to the country the perfect island holiday..

Grenada's Caribbean dream beaches

Geography - Magical Grenadines

The state of Grenada is about 200 kilometres away from Venezuela and lies in the middle of the Caribbean. It consists of several islands which belong to the island group of the Grenadines. The biggest one among them is the main island of Grenada. Its neighbouring islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique are well known as well. The temperatures are between 24 and 30 °C and it is tropical and humid as well as rainy all year. The refreshing rain showers, however, do not usually last longer than half an hour. Grenada was afflicted by several strong hurricanes in recent years, most recently in 2005.

Cruises to Grenada

Nature - The fairy-tale island

Grenada is a very attractive country. Placid bays, white sandy beaches, the turquoise blue water and the tropical rainforest make the dream of a deserted island come true. The untouched nature and the hidden waterfalls in the middle of the green jungle captivate every visitor and still, every single person feels as if they have the magical islands to themselves. The highest waterfall is Mount Carmel, which also lies in the rainforest and is part of Grenada's vast waterfall landscape. Bird and whale watching is very popular in this area. In addition, travellers can spot poison dart frogs, mona monkeys and sea turtles here.

Sauteurs Bay

Natural sights - The most beautiful beaches on earth

Grenada calls a number of wonderful beaches its own. There are even rumours saying that the country has the most beautiful beaches on earth. A well-known example is Grand Anse Beach near St. George's. This beach section is about three kilometres long and easily accessible for tourists. Morne Rouge, Levera Beach and La Sagesse are highly recommended too. Besides the bright sandy beaches, there is a number of black sandy beaches which can be attributed to the islands' volcanic past. A special highlight for all bathers are the three unique volcanic crater lakes, which offer an extraordinary bathing experience. A shower under the waterfall is another way of getting some refreshment. You can do this in many places, for example at the Honeymoon Falls near the Seven Sister Falls.

St. George's beach

Culture - Grenada's history

Like most of the Caribbean islands, Grenada was once discovered by Columbus. At this time, in 1498, the islands were populated by the hostile Caribs, which made it difficult for the Europeans to settle down. It was not before the 17th century that the French managed to build Fort Royal. The Fort quickly developed into one of the most important French naval bases in the Caribbean. Today, this area is known as "St. George's" - Grenada's capital. The French's power of the islands was not unchallenged and in the course of time, Grenada went to the British. English is the official and most commonly used language on the islands to the present day. Grenada only gained independence in 1974.

St. George's - capital of Grenada

Cultural sights - Colourful Caribbean atmosphere

You see colourful houses and facades on all of Grenada's islands, which makes them the symbol of the relaxed Caribbean mentality. The capital of St. George's accommodates many of these colourful rows of houses. St. George's is one of the most beautiful harbour towns in the Caribbean and a very popular stopping point for cruisers. The market in the centre of the town is particularly worth seeing. The tourist centre is Grand Anse, which offers everything holidaymakers' hearts desire. Worthwhile locations for day trips are the River Antoine Rum Distillery as well as the cocoa and nutmeg plantations.

Grenada's colourful Caribbean atmosphere

Experience - The nutmeg island

Grenada is not called the "Spice Island" for no reason. About 20 percent of all nutmegs which are sold worldwide are from here. Cocoa, cinnamon and ginger are grown here large-scale as well. Baskets of spice, nutmeg jam, cocoa and dried ginger are popular souvenirs. Many tourists also buy a bottle of Caribbean rum or taste it on the island. Compared to the other Caribbean islands, the evenings on Grenada are quieter. Nevertheless, you hear the sound of calypso and reggae music here, which invites you to stay up until the early morning hours.

Nutmeg and cocoa from Grenada

Activities - The beach paradise

Grenada offers everything you need for the perfect beach holidays: a lot of sand, clear water and a wide range of water sports. Other popular leisure activities are dives and sailing trips. In addition, you can watch several whale species.

The water sports paradise of Grenada


The dry season from January to May is the most pleasant time for visitors in Grenada. Arriving on a cruiser is the most popular way of travelling to Grenada.

Grenada is one of the dream destination in the Caribbean. Compared to the other Caribbean islands, it is more tranquil and even more relaxed. Sustainable tourism is a priority here.

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