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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - No Pirates of the Caribbean

Travellers find tranquillity and serenity in the middle of the Caribbean on the islands of St. Vincent. The fact that more and more holidaymakers are visiting this small island and have their autograph cards ready at all times obviously has to do with the best-known of all the Caribbean pirates.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Geography - A wonderful Caribbean idyll

The idyllic country of St. Vincent lies between the island states of Saint Lucia and Grenada. 32 islands of the Grenadines belong to the country. The capital of Kingstown lies on the main island of Saint Vincent and is the biggest city of the island state. The temperatures are tropical and very stable with about 26 °C throughout the year.

Dream bay on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Nature - Green islands in the ocean

The islands of St. Vincent are all vegetated by a thick, partly undeveloped rainforest. If you long for a deserted palm island in the ocean, you are right here. Some islands are uninhabited and offer a variety of exciting opportunities to discover, for example volcanic craters and the La Soufriere volcano. Smooth courses of streams are suited for bathing before they become raging waterfalls and fall down the cliffs. The country's national bird is the Saint Vincent Amazon. You can watch this bird as well as many other species on the islands.

Dream beaches in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Natural sights - Natural pools and botanic gardens

The tropical and humid climate can become rather exhausting for European visitors. A bath in a natural pool cools you down. One beautiful example is located in the Layou Petroglyph Park. The Dark View Falls in the rainforest, which can only be reached by a suspension bridge, are a wonderful bathing location. St. Vincent's hiking and natural trails are highly recommended too. The Vermont Nature Trail is about three kilometres long and leads through the island's tropical forest. The Soufriere Volcano Trail in the Soufriere Mountains takes you to the volcanic crater of the same name and offers a great view. If you are interested in the local flora, you can visit the Botanic Gardens in Kingstown or the Montreal Gardens.

Botanical Garden on St. Vincent

Culture - Caribbean times

The Indians, Arawak and Caribs settled the islands of St. Vincent first. Although they already fought tribal wars against each other, it was the European conquerors who brought great disturbances to the Caribbean paradise. Columbus discovered the island in 1498 on the Day of Saint Vincent and named the islands accordingly. Fights between the colonial powers of the United Kingdom and France, slave labour and plantation growing became part of daily life. Not much remained of the former native tribes. The country's struggle for independence only ended in 1979.

St. Vincent - Caribbean architecture

Cultural sights - Jack Sparrow's island

St. Vincent is normally a relatively quiet Caribbean island with a moderate number of visitors and a lot of tranquillity. Tourist come here to unwind and relax. For a while, however, more and more curious visitors have been coming to the island. The reason for this rush of visitors is the most famous pirate of all times: Jack Sparrow from the film series "Pirates of the Caribbean". Several scenes were shot on the island and you can still see props in some places, for example near Barronallie, in Wallilabou Bay or in the Black Point Tunnel. The capital of Kingstown with Fort Charlotte, which was built in 1806, St. Mary's Cathedral and the harbour is worth seeing. You still find traces of the Caribs in the Layou Petroglyph Park.

St. Vincent - old sugar mill

Experience - Freshly caught fish

Lobster, mussels, seafood and much more - the people on the Caribbean islands know how to enjoy food. To their meals, they have fruity cocktails made from freshly squeezed fruit with a dash of the island's rum. Afterwards, you can stroll through Kingstown, where you can buy wood carvings and other souvenirs from the island. The hotels on St. Vincent provide entertainment for the Caribbean nights. On the Grenadines, it is quiet and placid most of the time.

Food and drinks on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Activities - Diving in the island paradise

St. Vincent is a diving paradise. It has over 30 diving areas and many special offers for individual diving adventures. Wreck and reef dives are possible as well. Hiking tourism also plays an important role. There are beautiful jungle hiking trails and a path which leads up to the volcanic crater. Before the coast, you see numerous sailing ships and yachts waiting to take you on an island tour.

Diver in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Although Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are part of the Caribbean, the state is not a typical tourist destination and it is much more tranquil here than on the other islands. The best time for travelling the country is from February to May. There is less rainfall at that time and the air is not as stuffy.

Diving, conquering volcanoes and looking for Jack Sparrow - what more could you want from the Caribbean? Saint Vincent and the Grenadines may be a quiet travel destination but they are full of surprises.

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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
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