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Cayman Islands - The Diving Paradise of the Caribbean

The dreamlike white beaches, the magical underwater world as well as the total harmony and serenity of the islanders make these Caribbean islands so special. You can go swimming with stingrays and turtles, go on a shopping spree and do all kinds of water sports. You will have the time of your life.

Little Cayman beach houses

Geography - George Town, Bodden Town and West Point

The Cayman Islands, or Caymans, are an island group in the Caribbean, which consists of three islands and belongs, as a British overseas territory, to the United Kingdom. Among the islands are Grand Cayman with the capital George Town as well as the much smaller isles Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. In total, the Cayman Islands cover an area of 264 km², of which 197 km² belong to Grand Cayman. About 58,500 people call the Caymans their home. The island group lies about 350 kilometers south of Cuba and is separated into seven districts. Five of these districts lie on Grand Cayman, while the other two isles each constitute a district of their own. The climate on the Cayman Islands is tropical with only slight temperature variations throughout the year. The best travel time is between December and April.

George Town on Grand Cayman

Nature - Spectacular underwater world

Even though the Cayman Islands are part of a submarine mountain range, the islands themselves are fairly flat. The highest elevations is The Bluff with only 43 meters. A highlight for many holidaymakers are, next to the dreamlike white sand beaches like the Seven Mile Beach or the Cayman Kai Beach, the spectacular coral reefs. The underwater world around Grand Cayman has generally a lot to offer. The natural flora and fauna on land is, however, much less distinct - you can find agave, cacti and a lot of shrubland. The islanders additionally planted palm trees and in their gardens, you will see colorful bushes of hibiscus, oleander and bougainvillea. The national flower is the Wild Banana Orchid. The Central Mangrove Wetlands are forming the ecological heart of Grand Cayman. Here you can find a great amount of insects, various crustaceans as well as agouti and Grand Cayman Parrots. The island of Little Cayman is one of the last untouched places of the Caribbean. There is a big rock garden in which many cormorants and pelicans are nesting.

Beautiful coral reef

Culture - Harmony and serenity

Most life in the Cayman Islands takes place in and around the capital George Town as well as West Bay and Bodden Town. The population is very diverse in origin. Nevertheless, English has evolved as the official language. On the islands, everything is very harmonious and that is what the islanders are particularly proud of. They value their customs and traditions, which came to the islands with the first settlers in the 18th century. The harmony that emanates from the people is also conferred to the travelers who will find peace and tranquility in this place, especially on the beaches. Among the cultural attractions is Georgetown with the Clock Tower, which was built in honor of King George V, the Legislative Assembly, the Courts Building and the General Post Office. In addition, there are two interesting museums, the Cayman Maritime and Treasure Museum, which offers a variety of exhibits, and the McKee's Museum, which exhibits treasures from the 16th and 17th century that were recovered from various wrecks. In Bodden Town, the former capital of the island state, there is an attraction called the Pirate's Caves, a cave system where many pirates have sought refuge in the 18th century. The Cayman Islands are, however, not only known as a typical Caribbean island, but they are also the fifth largest financial center in the world, with countless banks, insurance companies and offices. This is why it is often called the "Switzerland of the Caribbean".

Beach on Grand Cayman

Experience - Swimming with stingrays and turtles

Rum Point in the north of Grand Cayman is one of the main attractions for tourists, because here, you can experience the typical Caribbean flair. A highlight is the sandbank called Stingray City, where many tame stingrays are living. You can feed them and swim a race against them. This is a big hit with children, as well as the Cayman Turtle Farm in Northwest Point. In the Cayman Islands, you can do some excellent duty-free shopping. The shops offer international luxury goods such as jewelry, which are decorated with local materials such as black corals. A true culinary specialty and popular souvenir is the rum cake. The Cayman Islands have a very vibrant nightlife, which takes place in the many bars and clubs. Along the West Bay Road, which runs parallel to the Seven Mile Beach, there are many hotels and restaurants tightly lined up next to each other. On the other side of the street, towards the beach, there are many shopping centers, golf courses and marinas.

Tame stingrays at Stingray City

Action - An extraordinary diving experience

The Cayman Islands are primarily a diver's paradise. The reefs with their corals and the stunning diversity of fish and other marine life attract divers and snorkelers from around the world each year. But even on the beach or on land, there is a lot to do for sports and leisure enthusiasts. On Seven Mile Beach, there are various car, bicycle and motorcycle rentals. Furthermore, this beach, as well as Rum Point, offer almost all kinds of water sports that you can imagine. These include sailing, parasailing, kayaking, surfing and fishing. One of the best fishing spots, especially for salmon, is located on Little Cayman. In addition, the Cayman Islands are a terrific destination to play golf or miniature golf. Travelers who are less interested in physical exercises spend most of their time on the beach and enjoy the sea and the sun.

A diver on the Cayman Islands


You can get to the Cayman Islands by plane, as each of the islands has their own airport. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to arrive with a cruise ship, especially on Grand Cayman, or with your own boat or yacht. Holidaymakers who belong to an EU country or a member of the Schengen Agreement don't require a visa for their stay. All they need is a valid passport and a return ticket or a ticket that confirms their onward journey.

The Cayman Islands are an ideal travel destination for people who are looking for total relaxation in a truly harmonic environment. The fantastic white beaches offer the perfect opportunity for that, while the incredible underwater world makes you dream. Also, holidaymakers who are looking for an extraordinary shopping experience or want to finally try some delicious rum cake have certainly come to the right place.

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