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Adriatic Sea - A Sunny Beach Paradise

Summer, sun, beach and sea - that is how most people experience the Adriatic coast. With its long, fine sandy beaches, lively bathing resorts, various amusement parks and unique cultural cities, Italy's east coast is a popular holiday destination for travellers of all ages.

Bathing beach in Rimini

Geography - At Italy's east coast

The Adriatic Sea is the north-eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and the Balkan Peninsula. It takes up 1,000 kilometres at the country's east coast from the Strait of Otranto in the north to the city of Triests and borders on the coasts of the regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Emilia-Romagna, Molise, Veneto, Marche and Apulia. The climate creates hot and dry summers as well as mild and humid winters. Both in summer and in winter, warm to cold air currents may occur, which can be felt in tourist cities like Venice, Ravenna, Rimini or Bibione.

Seaport town at the Adriatic Sea

Nature - Long, fine sandy dream beaches

The Adriatic coast is characterised by long, fine sandy beaches. They decorate the northern part of Italy's east coast in particular, which contains numerous lagoons. In famous bathing resorts such as Rimini, Pescara and San Benedetto, you see deep blue and crystal clear seawater, which forms an impressive contrast to the bright sandy beach. Mediterranean plants and pine forests vegetate the region. Further south the landscape becomes rocky but the shorelines stay straight. Distinctive points in the south of the Adriatic coast are Gargano Peninsula and the Isole Tremiti in Apulia.

a dream beach in Marche

Culture - Byzantine mosaic art and Venice's canals

According to historians, the Adriatic Sea was named after the Italian town of Adria in the region of Veneto because of its former significance as an Etruscan seaport town. The present-day cultural centre of the Adriatic coast is without doubt the lagoon city of Venice. Millions of tourists visit the city every year to marvel at its famous canals and the Doge's Palace. Another city which attracts many visitors is Ravenna. It is known for its Byzantine mosaics and its Early Christian sacred buildings, some of which are part of the World Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO. Other worthwhile cities at and near the Adriatic Sea are Padua, Ferrara, Lecce and Urbino.

View of Venice

Experience - Lively beaches and a tranquil hinterland

In many places at the Adriatic coast, tourist bathing resorts string together. Rimini, Cervia, Riccione, Lignano and Lido di Jesolo are only a few examples. Many of the long and flat sandy beaches are filled with sun-worshippers, who relax on beach chairs during the day and visit the numerous cafes, bars and clubs at night. In general, the nightlife at the Adriatic Sea is vibrant. Almost every bathing resort has an entertainment mile with discos, clubs, casinos, bars, and restaurants, which are full of activity. There are not many quiet and deserted areas. The hinterland with its small, dreamy villages is the only area which serves as a retreat.

Tourist beach in Rimini

Activities - A child-friendly holiday destination

The Adriatic coast is an eldorado for water sports fans. You can go diving, surfing, sailing, swimming, water skiing, canoeing and motorboating in almost every town on the shoreline. Popular leisure activities on shore are horseback rides, hikes and cycling tours. Due to the flat landscape, these are also suited for children. The Adriatic coast is generally a great destination for families with children. The little ones can play in the water at the flat and fine sandy beaches and build sandcastles, while their parents relax in beach chairs. In addition, the many nearby aqua parks (e.g. Aquafan near Riccione) are a welcome change for all bathers.

Bathing in the Adriatic Sea


The best time for a trip to the Adriatic Sea is the summer. Pleasantly warm temperatures and vibrant activity create the perfect holiday atmosphere. Travellers who prefer it quieter are advised to arrive in spring or autumn. During these seasons, there are not as many tourists around but enough to make you feel that you are on holiday.

The Adriatic Sea in Italy is the ideal travel destination, especially for families with children and for sun-worshippers. However, water sports fans and culture enthusiasts will also enjoy this coastal area.

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Adriatic Sea
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